Common Pharmacy questions for license renewal

Pharmacy - common questions

We get it. License renewal can be confusing. It happens every two years and by the time the next renewal comes around, you’ve forgotten exactly what is required. Or perhaps the requirements have changed. Either way, it’s tough to keep up with everything on top of keeping a full time job and also living your life.

That’s why we’re here. We have many tools for you to utilize…

Our CE Experts got together and discussed the most common questions they have been receiving from Pharmacists during this renewal month. We’ll go over both of them in this blog and hopefully you will have a better understanding of how your requirements work.

Common Question 1: “how do I get courses to CE Broker from NABP?”

In order to record your courses you have completed with the NABP, you will have to self-report those. It’s a very simple process though! Simply log in to your account and select “Report CE Hours.”

Report CE Hours

Then you will select to self report using the category, “Report multiple LIVE courses using NABP activity transcript” or “Report multiple SELF STUDY course using NABP activity transcript” to bulk report all missing courses.


Once you finish the reporting process, you will see that those hours are recorded in your Course History.

Common Question 2: “What am I missing?”

Whenever the CE Experts are asked this question, very often it is because someone has not completed the medication errors course from Board approved provider. It could be that they completed the course through an ACPE approved provider. Here’s the deal. The Board of Pharmacy recognizes national accreditation from ACPE for most courses (your general hours). But specifically for Medication Errors, the board requires the courses to be approved by the Florida Board of Pharmacy. A course that is only ACPE approved would not satisfy your medication errors requirement

The easiest way to find Florida Board approved providers is to use the CE Broker course search. All providers listed in our course search are board approved and the course will fulfill your requirement. Don’t stress if you have completed an ACPE course and still need to find an approved medication errors course. This requirement does not have to be live and you can complete it online!

Keep in mind that standard renewals require that 10 of your hours must be live. You can search for “live”hours in the course search.

We hope this helps you! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our CE Experts M-F 8-8 (EST) toll free at 877-434-6323.

Top CE Providers for Pharmacists


With Pharmacy license renewal creeping up (by midnight of September 30th), you may be looking for some good educational providers to complete your CE with. We wanted to provide you with a list of some popular providers that report to CE Broker for you. (And why would you want to do that? That means less work for you!) And while these aren’t the only providers you can complete CE through, they are the ones that our CE Experts have noted as being popular among your peers.

1. Pharmacist’s Letter Therapeutic Research Center
3. RXSchool
5. Institute for Brain Potential
6. The RX Consultant, Continuing Education Network
7. University of Florida College of Pharmacy
8.  Florida Pharmacy Association
9. Florida Society of Health System Pharmacists
10. Walgreens

Hopefully, you will find just the CE you need through one of those providers above. Just remember that at least 10 of your total 30 hours must be live. However, you can take all 30 hours as live if you choose as well, including your two hours in Medication Errors. What’s important to note is that AT LEAST 10 of your total hours MUST be live.

Pharmacists Requirements Explained

With the first mandatory license renewal right around the corner, you want to be sure that you are on the right track. You don’t want any surprises when you renew your license! It’s especially important that you understand the live hours requirement. Keep reading to learn more.

We want to go over all of your requirements so you know what is expected of you each biennium. Below is a chart of your CE requirements (first time license renewals may differ):

That brings your total number of CE required to 30. Of those 30 hours, at least 10 of them must be “live.”

What if this is my first renewal?

If this is your first license renewal AND your initial renewal occurs 12 months or more after initial licensure date you are required to complete 15 general, 2 medical errors and 1 hour in HIV/AIDS. Remember 5 hours must be live. If your initial renewal occurs less than 12 months from your initial licensure date you are required to complete 1 hour in HIV/AIDS. 

CE Broker iPhone and Android Apps- Continuing Education Simplified.

Our free CE Broker iPhone or Android app, available in the iTunes Store and in Google Play, is the best way to manage your CE from anywhere, anytime. You can create a FREE Basic Account and even upgrade to a Professional or Concierge account with your iTunes/Google Play account, if you so desire. That means no credit card is required since your account on file is automatically charged. Once you download the app you need, you can see your Course History, Report CE, use the Course Search Tool and even view your CE Compliance Transcript. Visit the iTunes or Google Play store and download your app for free today!

What if I Have Questions?

We are dedicated to helping you successfully renew your license so we have plenty of tools for you to utilize if you have any questions! We added a special Pharmacy FAQ section just for you in our Support pages which includes all of the most commonly asked questions from other licensees in your profession.

For your ultimate worry-free, personalized solution try our 7-Day Trial for our Professional Account. With your Professional Account you can access your CE Compliance Transcript, receive continuing education and license deadline reminders, report CE to your account and much more to simplify your renewal process.

Pharmacists – CE Broker and CPE Monitor

Pharmacist renewal ends September 30th!

Many Florida licensees have asked us about the difference between CE Broker and CPE Monitor, and why the two aren’t connected. CPE Monitor is the NABP’s CE tracking service. It simply tells you what courses you’ve taken from a certain date range. CE Broker is the official compliance tracking system for the Florida Department of Health, which means that we actually calculate your progress towards completing your CE requirements. CE Broker Professional Account subscribers can see a compliance transcript that clearly breaks down the Department of Health’s CE rules for renewal, while showing exactly what CE is still outstanding for your individual license.  Additional benefits include access to a full suite of compliance tools, such as paperless cloud storage of documents and CE notifications.

While the NABP unfortunately does not share data with us, we have developed a way for pharmacists to report all of the courses on an NABP Activity Transcript in a simple process rather than having to submit each entry individually. Here’s how:

1. Log into your CE Broker account and hover your cursor over “My Records.” Select “Report Continuing Education” from the dropdown options. You’ll want to select the first option on the list – “Report Multiple Courses (except Medication Errors or HIV/AIDS) Using NABP Activity Transcript.”


2. You’ll be taken to a Course Detail screen. You’ll need to make separate submissions for each Course Type selection, so you might have to complete this process more than once. In the example below, 24 hours are reported for Anytime, Computer-Based Training. The date you enter here is the date of the last course you took on this Activity Transcript. Note: Be sure that you are submitting based off of a transcript that only includes CE taken in the current biennium.











3. Next, we have to ask you a couple of questions. Once you’ve answered those, you’ll be instructed to either attach a document (most popular option) or fax it. After you attach a document or select to fax a document, you’ll be taken to an attestation page. If your submission isn’t fraudulent, hit “Submit Now,” and…you’re finished!


You can view this submission by hovering your cursor over “My Records” and selecting “Course History.”

Do you have any questions about this process? We want to hear your feedback! Please contact us at