We get it. License renewal can be confusing. It happens every two years, and you’ve forgotten exactly what is required by the time the next renewal comes around. Or perhaps the requirements have changed. Either way, it’s tough to keep up with everything while keeping a full-time job and living your life.

That’s why we’re here. We have many tools for you to utilize…

Our CE Experts got together and discussed the most common questions they have been receiving from Pharmacists during this renewal month. We’ll go over both in this blog, and hopefully, you will better understand how your requirements work.

Common Question 1: “how do I get courses to CE Broker from NABP?”

In order to record the courses you have completed with the NABP, you will have to self-report those. It’s a very simple process, though! Simply log in to your account and select “Report CE Hours.”

Report CE Hours

Then you will select to self-report using the category, “Report multiple LIVE courses using NABP activity transcript” or “Report multiple SELF STUDY courses using NABP activity transcript” to bulk report all missing courses.


Once you finish the reporting process, you will see that those hours are recorded in your Course History.

Common Question 2: “What am I missing?”

Whenever the CE Experts are asked this question, it is because someone has not completed the medication errors course from Board approved provider. It could be that they completed the course through an ACPE-approved provider. Here’s the deal. The Board of Pharmacy recognizes national accreditation from ACPE for most courses (your general hours). But specifically for Medication Errors, the board requires the courses to be approved by the Florida Board of Pharmacy. A course that is only ACPE-approved would not satisfy your medication error requirement.

The easiest way to find Florida Board approved providers is to use the CE Broker course search. All providers listed in our course search are board-approved, and the course will fulfill your requirement. Don’t stress if you have completed an ACPE course and still need to find an approved medication errors course. This requirement does not have to be live; you can complete it online!

Remember that standard renewals require that 10 of your hours be live. You can search for “live” hours in the course search.

We hope this helps you! If you have any questions, contact our CE Experts M-F 8-8 (EST) toll-free at 877-434-6323.