In 2004, we launched a license verification program for hospitals in Florida called CE Broker for Business. Over the last ten years, 30% of the HR departments in Florida signed up and showed there is a strong demand for automated license monitoring.

So we created EverCheck, our license monitoring program for healthcare employers outside of Florida. In 2012 EverCheck launched with only 1 client with 30,000 licensed employees. EverCheck now monitors a total of 180,000 employees across the nation. Combine that with CE Broker; we now have over 200 clients and monitor 360,000 employees daily. Many clients are large health systems with centralized HR departments responsible for dozens of individual hospitals.

There is clearly a growing demand for healthcare license monitoring. We host the only automated, daily verification system and offer it at the lowest price on the market.

EverCheck sends email notifications to supervisors & HR managers if there is any change to an employee’s license status. Furthermore, employees also receive reminders to renew each license cycle so there is no excuse for forgetting. We take screenshots of the primary source verification results whenever there is a change and store them permanently for use during Joint Commission surveys.

EverCheck started with a focus on state licenses but now also monitors OIG exclusion lists, DEA Registrations, ARDMS, PTCB, AAMA, CPSG, CSFA, and 100’s other national certifications. And as of March 2015, we can also track and send notifications for what we call “unmonitored” certifications. These are any certifications that cannot be automatically verified but are still added to the alert system.

We have integrated with most major HRIS systems. Currently, we have Lawson, SAP, Infor, Oracle/Peoplesoft, Workday, and API all set up with EverCheck. The data we send to the HRIS can then be synced with scheduling systems, so employees with invalid licenses are ineligible for scheduling.

If you work at a hospital, it’s likely that you will one day get an email reminder from EverCheck. Don’t worry. We’re just looking out for you!

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