Osteopathic Physician Requirements for License Renewal


Florida Osteopathic Physicians, March 31 is fast approaching!  We want to give you a quick visual of all of your CE requirements so there aren’t any surprises when you are renewing your license.  Keep reading to learn more about your 2016 biennium requirements.

If you are a Osteopathic Physician renewing your license, your requirements are listed below:

Requirement Hour Breakdown
Requirement Hour Breakdown

* Licensees must obtain 2 hours of Domestic Violence every third renewal period as part of the 40 hours required.

If you are an Osteopathic Physician renewing your license for the first time and you were licensed in the first year of the renewal cycle, your renewal requirements are:

  • All of the above hours
  • 1 hour HIV/AIDS

If you are an Osteopathic Physician renewing your license for the first time and you were licensed in the second year of the renewal cycle, your renewal requirements are:

  • 1 hour HIV/AIDS
  • 1 hour Florida Laws and Rules (must be live)
  •  1 hour Professional & Medical Ethics (must be live)
  • 1 hour Federal & State Laws related to the Prescribing of Controlled Substances (must be live)
  • 2 hours Medical Errors (must be live)

CE Broker is dedicated to helping you successfully renew your license. We have plenty of tools for you to utilize if you have any questions! We have added a special FAQ section just for Osteopathic Physicians in our Support pages. To read over those, click here.

For your ultimate worry-free, personalized solution try our 7-Day Trial for our Professional Account. With your Professional Account you can receive notifications of license deadlines, report CE to your account, access to your CE Compliance Transcript and more to simplify your renewal process.

CE Broker for Boards — increase compliance at no cost

Implement a CE Compliance system that benefits your board, your licensed professionals and your continuing education providers — all at no cost!

CE Broker is the official continuing education tracking system for the Florida Department of Health, Ohio Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, Wyoming Board of Psychology, DC Board of Nursing and many other regulating boards across the United States. The Florida Department of Health requires all licensees to show proof of compliance at the time of renewal, reducing auditing costs and increasing compliance rates.

Our expertise and innovation in the compliance sector gives state and national boards and other regulating bodies confidence that our system helps with all CE related processes that may come up. Every board is different and has unique needs so no matter what you require, we can work with you to come up with the best solution.

How does CE Broker simplify compliance?

Helping your staff: Manual audits are time-consuming, costly and have a large margin for error. Our electronic system transforms audits from cluttered, paperwork-ridden investigations into accurate, automated verifications. You’ll have records of every practitioner’s license status and progress when continuing education is reported into CE Broker’s system.

Helping your providers: You can now manage educational provider activity and authorize applications in one convenient location. Approved providers are also featured in our Course Search — which practitioners can use for free.

Helping your practitioners: With our compliance tools, managing CE requirements is no longer going to be a challenge. Let your licensees see exactly what they need to be compliant! They can choose one of three account types to best meet their needs so they can be well-prepared for audits.

We also have CE Experts available for LiveChat, phone or email Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m-8:00 p.m. This is a huge benefit for reducing your board’s call volume and managing audit calls. Our “CE Experts” are more like consultants for your licensees as they not only answer questions but go above and beyond to provide solutions for CE courses, management and fears.

We are not just a software tech company — we are a fully-hosted, online CE platform solution that creates public-private partnerships to optimize compliance/audit workflows with the best apps on the web. We are there with your board step-by-step from implementation through the entire contract term.

With over 80 professions and 35 boards all using CE Broker, we can accommodate any regulatory requirements and track compliance for your licensees. Find out how you can cut costs and increase compliance — contact us for a free demo!


EverCheck: An Essential Tool for Healthcare Employers

Executive Summary:
Evercheck is a web-based service designed to meet the Primary Source, license verification requirements established by the Joint Commission.  The system automatically verifies each licensed employee every day and creates a permanent history of status changes on secure servers.  It is the ideal complement to human resources and credentialing departments.  Get important up-to-date information into the hands of those who need it most.

The Joint Commission requires hospitals to verify employee license statuses with the “Primary Source.”  Licensed healthcare professionals must – at all times – have a current, valid license to work.  So not only must hospitals verify licensure for each employee on an ongoing basis, the hospital must prove they performed the verification when prompted during a Joint Commission Survey.

What Counts as Primary Source?

The Joint Commission Elements of Performance for HR.1.20 3 states:

1) It is acceptable to verify current licensure, certification, or registration with the Primary Source via a secure electronic communication or by telephone, if this verification is documented.

2) A primary source of information may designate another agency to communicate

credentials information. The designated agency then can be used as a primary source.

3) An external organization (for example, a credentials verification organization [CVO]) may be used to collect credentials information.

Evercheck fulfills the requirements of all three.

The Product:

Evercheck is the most sophisticated and only automatic license verification system on the market.  A web-based fully hosted solution, Evercheck builds and maintains an ongoing license status history for each employee.


  • Each employee’s license status is verified daily with the Primary Source.
Summary of License Statuses
Constant up-to-date knowledge of employee license statuses.
  • License statuses are documented and archived, providing an ongoing history for Joint Commission surveyors.
Archive of employee license statuses
Be prepared to prove license statuses during JC surveys or litigation!
  • License expiration dates are verified regularly in easy-to-read reports.
License Expiration Date Summaries
With EverCheck, you will never have an employee with an expired license on the floor!
  • Email notifications are sent whenever an employee’s license status changes and as license expiration dates approach.
Instant notification of license status changes
Notifications instantly sent to supervisors when license statuses change!
  • Automatic license verification processes are always running in the background.
  • 24/7 access to our suite of online reports and permanent storage of licensee data.
  • Export licensee data into HR databases.
Export EverCheck data to your HR system
Export the important data and pass it along.
Cost-Benefit Analysis
At only $.45 per employee per month, peace of mind is cheap!

The system is powered on 3rd party servers, and users will never have to install or update software.  Give your hard working staff a break and learn more about the benefits of EverCheck.

Call Angie Cardona @ 1-888-404-7996 or email acardona@cebroker.com for more information or a web demo.

CE Broker Announces New National Service for Healthcare Employers

CE Broker, the official continuing education (CE) tracking system for the FL Department of Health, has announced the launch of a new license verification service for hospitals and other healthcare employers nationwide.  The web service, called EverCheck, verifies licensure daily on all employees to ensure that all staff on the floor hold active and clear licenses.

“We have operated a paperless license verification system for the last five years and serve over 30% of the hospitals in Florida” said COO, Brian Solano.  “Now we are ready to make our system available to all healthcare employers across the country.”

EverCheck automates the license verification process and builds permanent employee histories to meet the primary source standards of the Joint Commission and DNV Healthcare. “We find that other credentialing companies offer a comprehensive package but often overlook or underserve ongoing state license verifications,” Solano continued. “We want to be the cost-effective complement for credentialing departments, focused solely on state license verification.”

Hospitals risk litigation or losing accreditation for licensure issues. “With EverCheck, there is no reason any employee should ever be on the floor without a valid license,” said Solano.  EverCheck is now available in most states. You can learn more at EverCheck.com.


Angie Cardona




New Feature: The CE Broker Live Chat

When CE Broker launched its new website, it created a new Live Chat feature that can connect you directly to a CE Broker Help Desk Representative.  Whether you are a healthcare professional, employer, or an educational provider, you can get immediate reliable answers to your queries.  To access this feature and chat with a representative, click “Live Chat” at the top right corner of the CE Broker homepage.  The Live Chat’s additional features are explained below.

Once you open the Live Chat you’ll be prompted to enter your name – first name will suffice.  Then the Live Chat will tell you, “You are now chatting with ‘[name]’.”

You are now connected with a CE Broker Representative who can answer all of your questions.  The Help Desk operates from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday so this may be a convenient way to get assistance when you do not have time to call.

Once your questions have been answered, you can choose to either email yourself or print a transcript of the conversation.   To send an email, click the email icon in the upper right hand corner of the Chat Window and enter your address.  Similarly click the printer icon to print the  conversation.  When you are finished, click “Close” and you are done.

If you have any additional questions, please call our Help Desk at 1-877-434-6323 or you could of course use our Live Chat feature.

Does CE Broker Offer Continued Education Courses?

CE Broker powers the official course search for the Florida Department of Health (DOH).  There are over 4,000 approved educational providers, offering over 300,000 courses.  It can be overwhelming for a licensee who is searching for a course through a traditional search engine.  Is this provider approved?  Will this course automatically be submitted to CE Broker or do I have to report it myself?  CE Broker organizes and categorizes this information in its course search.  Every course listed on the CE Broker website is offered by an approved educational provider, and every approved provider automatically submits course completions into the CE Broker system.  If you found the course on the CE Broker course search, you do not need to report the course completion.

To search for a course, go to the CE Broker course search, select your profession, desired subject area, and find that course that is right for you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You are not able to sign up for a course at the CE Broker website.  The link attached to the course listing will take you to the educational provider’s website and you can register there.  Remember, by using the CE Broker course search you can be certain that the course you sign up for is being offered by an approved provider which will automatically submit completions to CE Broker.  The course search is also now available on the CE Broker iPhone App which can be downloaded from the app store or from iTunes.

For more information go to the CE Broker website.