Rapid Growth for EverCheck – License Monitoring

In 2004, we launched a license verification program for hospitals in Florida, called CE Broker for Business. Over the last ten years, 30% of the HR departments in Florida signed up and showed there is a strong demand for automated license monitoring.

So we created EverCheck, our license monitoring program for healthcare employers outside of Florida. In 2012 EverCheck launched with only 1 client with 30,000 licensed employees. EverCheck now monitors a total of 180,000 employees across the nation. Combine that with CE Broker and we now have over 200 clients and monitor 360,000 employees every day. Many clients are large health systems with centralized HR departments responsible for dozens of individual hospitals.

There is clearly a growing demand for healthcare license monitoring. We host the only automated, daily verification system and offer it at the lowest price on the market.

EverCheck sends email notifications to supervisors & HR managers if there is any change to an employee’s license status. Furthermore, employees also receive reminders to renew each license cycle so there is no excuse for forgetting. We take screenshots of the primary source verification results whenever there is a change and store it permanently for use during Joint Commission surveys.

EverCheck started with a focus on state licenses but now also monitors OIG exclusion lists, DEA Registrations, ARDMS, PTCB, AAMA, CPSG, CSFA, and 100’s of other national certifications. And as of March 2015, we can also track and send notifications for what we call “unmonitored” certifications. These are any certifications that cannot be automatically verified but still added to the alert system.

We have integrated with most major HRIS systems. Currently we have Lawson, SAP, Infor, Oracle/Peoplesoft, Workday, and API all set up with EverCheck. The data we send to the HRIS can then be synced with scheduling systems so employees with invalid licenses are ineligible for scheduling.

If you work at a hospital, it’s likely that you will one day get an email reminder from EverCheck. Don’t worry. We’re just looking out for you!

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11 Qualities Nurses Possess

Humor: One quality all nurses have to share to be able to get through the day.

Humor: One quality all nurses have to share to be able to get through the day.

Nursing is one of the oldest known professions. From important nurses in history like Florence Nightingale, Phoebe Levy Pember, Captain Sally Tompkins, Clara Barton, etc. there have been many advancements among the years that require immense amounts of adaptability from nurses. CE Broker is going to focus on highlighting some of those expected qualities that make a great nurse.

1. Empathy: Empathy can make all the difference in improving patient care and their overall experience. This can be just as easy as taking the time to really listen to what your patient has to say. Just recently Upworthy featured a story about how one creative nurse used his talent to show empathy to lonely patients. He even mentions that patient’s requested less pain medicine when shown a little extra personal care.

Upworthy video showcases one nurse's special talent.

Upworthy video showcases one nurse’s special talent.

2. Communication: As a nurse, it is extremely important to have good communication across all levels. “They have to be able to communicate with doctors, patients and coworkers in a very fast-paced environment,” says Jacksonville University School of Nursing. Communication is an all-encompassing term here. It is just as important to listen to others as it is to speak to them.

3. Emotional Stability: NursingLink weighs in on “Nursing [being] a stressful job where traumatic situations are common. The ability to accept suffering and death without letting it get personal is crucial. Some days can seem like non-stop gloom and doom.” Although they hit the nail on the head there, nursing has it’s amazing moments where a life can be saved right before your very eyes. Either way, it is important to maintain control of your emotions to perform at your very best.

4. Detail Oriented: Avoiding skipping steps and making errors can save someone else’s life and ultimately your job. Put yourself in your patient’s shoes and consider the care and attention to detail that you would expect if it were you being cared for.

5. Energy and Endurance: Shifts are long and you do not often get a break at all. Long hours of being on your feet can take a toll on your energy levels. Here are some great tips from NurseTogether on how to maintaining consistent energy levels all day while at work.

6. Thinking on your Toes: Emergency situations call for spur of the moment reactions. Be prepared for the unexpected and try keep as calm as possible in a moment of crisis. You will be much more helpful to your team if you are thinking clearly and not letting the crisis get the best of you.

7. Confidence: It is important to feel confident in your abilities and choices you make throughout your shift. No patient will feel comforted by your second guessing whether it is their arm or leg that needs amputating. (That is a bit extreme, but it supports the importance of being confident in what you are doing). Nursetogether.com has some tips on how to build your confidence in your nursing skills.

8. Friendliness: When working up to 12 hour shifts (or however long your shift may be), it becomes extremely important to get along with your staff. Camaraderie makes your shift much more enjoyable when you can spend it among happier, friendlier colleagues. On a deeper level, it can also increase the willingness of your coworkers helping you when you are in need. It’s also important to be friendly with your patients! Sometimes a nurse is the only friendly face a patient sees all day.

9. Be a Team Player: “True collaboration is a process, not an event. It must be ongoing and build overtime, eventually resulting in a work culture where joint communication and decision making between nurses and other disciplines and among nurses themselves becomes the norm,” states AMN Healthcare Education Services.

10. Delegation: You are amazing and are capable of so much, but you cannot always do things on your own. Know when to ask for help and be okay with that. Someone may ask for your help in the future! The goal of healthcare is not to be a one man show, but to show the best practice skills for the patient’s need.

11. Ethical: Abiding to moral and professional norms is very important in the workplace. American Nurses Association has a Code of Ethics for Nurses that was “developed as a guide for carrying out nursing responsibilities in a manner consistent with quality in nursing care and the ethical obligations of the profession.”

More fun Nursing activities:

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Nursing Requirements for License Renewal

Florida Nurses, it’s time to check your license renewal date!  There are different Nursing Groups who have different renewal dates. Those renewal dates are April 30th and July 31st. For all of you wonderful Nurses who are about to renew your license, CE Broker wants to give you a quick visual of all of your CE requirements so you don’t have any surprises when you are renewing your license.  The following chart with renewal requirements included is the same for Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Licensed Practical Nurse:

Nursing Requirements for License Renewal

Nursing Requirements for License Renewal

For more information on the renewal process, you can visit the Florida Board of Nursing website and click on the “Renewal” tab at the top of the screen or you can simply click on the link above. If you want to renew your license through the Florida Department of Health, click on this link to be redirected to their website.

What If This Is My First Renewal?

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are renewing your license for the first time. These stipulations are the same for RN’s, ARNP’s, LPN’s, and CNA’s.

If you are initially licensed by examination during the current biennium, you are exempt from the general CEU requirements for the first renewal. You must complete 2 hours , you are exempt from the general CEU requirements for the first renewal.  You must complete 2 hours of medical error, 2 hours of laws and rules and 1 hour of HIV/AIDS (all must be taken from a Florida Board of Nursing approved provider).

If you are initially licensed by endorsement during the current biennium and took the exam in another state within the biennium, you are exempt from general CEU hours.  You must complete 2 hours of medical error, 2 hours laws and rules and 1 hour of HIV/AIDS (all must be taken from a Florida Board of Nursing approved provider).

If you do not qualify for the exemption in your first renewal, you must complete 1 hour per month (not literally just used for calculation purposes) or partial month remaining in the biennium from the date the license was issued. These hours must include 2 hours of medical error, 2 hours laws and rules and 1 hour of HIV/AIDS (all must be taken from a Florida Board of Nursing approved provider)

CE Broker iPhone and Android Apps- Continuing Education Simplified.

Our free CE Broker iPhone or Android app, available in the iTunes Store and in Google Play, is the best way to manage your CE from anywhere, anytime. You can create a FREE Basic Account and even upgrade to a Professional or Concierge account with your iTunes/Google Play account, if you so desire. That means no credit card is required since your account on file is automatically charged. Once you download the app you need, you can see your Course History, Report CE, use the Course Search Tool and even view your CE Compliance Transcript. Visit the iTunes or Google Play store and download your app for free today!

What if I Have Questions?

We are dedicated to helping you successfully renew your license so we have plenty of tools for you to utilize if you have any questions! We added a special Nurse FAQ just for you in our Support pages which includes all of the most commonly asked questions from other licensees in your profession. To find a specific course to fulfill any unmet requirements, you can watch our Course Search video by clicking on the picture below.

Watch our Course Search Video here to walk you through how to find the course you need

Watch our Course Search Video here to walk you through how to find the course you need.

For your ultimate worry-free, personalized solution try our 7-Day Trial for our Professional Account. With your Professional Account you can access your CE Compliance Transcript, receive continuing education and license deadline reminders, report CE to your account and much more to simplify your renewal process.



CE Broker for Boards — increase compliance at no cost

Implement a CE Compliance system that benefits your board, your licensed professionals and your continuing education providers — all at no cost!

CE Broker is the official continuing education tracking system for the Florida Department of Health, Ohio Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, Wyoming Board of Psychology, DC Board of Nursing and many other regulating boards across the United States. The Florida Department of Health requires all licensees to show proof of compliance at the time of renewal, reducing auditing costs and increasing compliance rates.

Our expertise and innovation in the compliance sector gives state and national boards and other regulating bodies confidence that our system helps with all CE related processes that may come up. Every board is different and has unique needs so no matter what you require, we can work with you to come up with the best solution.

How does CE Broker simplify compliance?

Helping your staff: Manual audits are time-consuming, costly and have a large margin for error. Our electronic system transforms audits from cluttered, paperwork-ridden investigations into accurate, automated verifications. You’ll have records of every practitioner’s license status and progress when continuing education is reported into CE Broker’s system.

Helping your providers: You can now manage educational provider activity and authorize applications in one convenient location. Approved providers are also featured in our Course Search — which practitioners can use for free.

Helping your practitioners: With our compliance tools, managing CE requirements is no longer going to be a challenge. Let your licensees see exactly what they need to be compliant! They can choose one of three account types to best meet their needs so they can be well-prepared for audits.

We also have CE Experts available for LiveChat, phone or email Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m-8:00 p.m. This is a huge benefit for reducing your board’s call volume and managing audit calls. Our “CE Experts” are more like consultants for your licensees as they not only answer questions but go above and beyond to provide solutions for CE courses, management and fears.

We are not just a software tech company — we are a fully-hosted, online CE platform solution that creates public-private partnerships to optimize compliance/audit workflows with the best apps on the web. We are there with your board step-by-step from implementation through the entire contract term.

With over 80 professions and 35 boards all using CE Broker, we can accommodate any regulatory requirements and track compliance for your licensees. Find out how you can cut costs and increase compliance — contact us for a free demo!


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Sustainability- Conservation is good business


We are now offsetting electricity consumption for the Jacksonville, FL headquarters, servers and satellite offices with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). These certificates offset our consumption and add clean energy to the “grid.” By doing this, we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution; strengthening America’s energy independence and diversity; creating jobs in rural areas; and promoting sources of unlimited, emissions-free domestic energy.

The plan is to continue to expand our efforts and begin to offset our carbon output by 2016. Our hope is that more organizations in the healthcare industry will follow suit and help put environmental sustainability first!  

“At CE Broker, we place people and the planet first. We must take care of the great resources we have been given, leaving the planet in a better place than we found it. That’s why I have decided that developing and maintaining sustainable business practices will be our most important goal for 2015,” says CEO Brian Solano.

Other ways CE Broker is going green:

Local food delivery  – We’ve partnered with a local produce company for Jacksonville office employees to purchase organic, healthy food to be delivered to them in office.

Remote collaboration – By using technology to stay connected, we reduce consumption of gas for travel.

Earth Day – We plant a tree for each subscription sold on Earth Day.

Eco-Pass – Employees at our Boulder, CO office use the Eco-Pass to take public transportation and reduce our carbon footprint while commuting.

Staying Green – The services we have developed are taking the licensing industry into an entirely paperless environment.

Beach Cleanup – We like to keep Jacksonville Beach pristine and have an annual clean up day each summer.

And more – Our employees are wonderful and always looking f0r more ways to participate in other green volunteering opportunities.



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