Meet our CE Experts: Candace Taylor-Gary


Where are you from? I’m originally from Cincinnati, OH

How long have you been with CE Broker? I will be with CE Broker 2 years February 2016

What’s your specialty/expertise as a CE Expert? I would say working with licensee’s on reporting their CE credits. Each profession is different and the options and verbiage can be a bit tricky, but I think I have it down :).

If you had the day off of work, what would your ideal day look like? What would you spend your time doing? I would take the day and do something I love. Maybe start out with breakfast, a matinee and some shopping. Sky’s the limit!

If you could have any super power, what would it be? The ability to tell the future or something like time travel for sure. I would be a billionaire!

What’s on your bucket list? To design a full line at fashion week in Milan.

What aspect of your job as Support Center Expert do you enjoy the most? Being able to provide assistance in that moment when the licensee thinks everything is out of they’re hands. I enjoy giving that sigh of relief.

What’s your favorite movie? The Break-up with Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn. I’ve seen it like 10 times and each time is like the first, lol.

Reduce CE audit costs and increase compliance rates with CE Broker for Boards


In 2003 CE Broker launched its electronic continuing education tracking system to meet the needs of a Florida Department of Health. This tracking system has since helped the Department to increase CE/CME compliance while greatly reducing audit-related expenses. After a decade of success, CE Broker began identifying the need for better compliance management and auditing software throughout the regulatory community. Boards, commissions and agencies across the country are experiencing the same CE management struggles experienced by Florida boards before they partnered with CE Broker. These CE struggles are regardless of the type of profession they regulate. Out of that visible need, CE Broker for Boards was established to begin offering our unique, public-private partnership found in Florida to all professional licensing regulators, free of cost.

What is a continuing education tracking system?

Whether your organization requires mandatory continuing education, continuing competency or continuing professional development, a tracking system and its purpose remains the same. A comprehensive tracking system is designed to streamline all compliance processes into an easy, electronic workflow within a centralized database.

How does it help?

For licensed professionals, managing continuing education is about as tedious and time consuming as managing their taxes. Just like tax management, CE management is a necessary component of compliance. The difference though is that the use of comprehensive technology is much less common within licensee compliance. A continuing education tracking system like CE Broker can help bridge that gap, and transform archaic methods of compliance to user-friendly, electronic workflows. Below are the top three pain points for which we’ve seen a CE tracking system provide solutions. 

  1. High manual hours & cost inefficiency – “Time is money,” says the old adage. This remains to be true and can be easily observed within compliance audits where a lack of technology can cause seemingly simple tasks to absorb massive amounts of time. Many old processes are outdated and cause for unnecessary expenses, all while producing lackluster audit rates. Many boards consider themselves lucky if they have the available resources (time, budget, etc.) to audit an uninspiring 3% of their population.

In traditional CE audits, board staff are required to spend countless hours preparing and mailing audit letters to their audited population. When the flood of audit paperwork starts to appear at the board, the staff must then meticulously sort and organize that mountain of paperwork into something manageable. Many times the CE documents that licensees submit are either unacceptable or represent an incomplete CE portfolio which is not even realized until late in the auditing process.

After what seems an eternity, and ALL information has been gathered and sorted, board staff can finally verify which licensees are in compliance. After the battlefield of incoming paper work is over and the dust is settled, the work is still not done. Many times Attorney’s and enforcement need to spend huge amounts of time to prepare and process failed files which only adds onto the large time sink of traditional audits.

The Florida Department of Health has saved an estimated $515,000 annually from using CE Broker’s no-cost tracking system. Staff hours, postage, fax/phone expenses, printing, office supplies, enforcement and compliance monitoring are just some of the estimated values of that large savings. With CE Broker, staff can turn audits from messy, cluttered paperwork into quick, accurate verifications of compliance. All expenses associated with auditing can be eliminated by routing communication, uploading documentation, auditing and enforcement through the tracking system.

  1. Decentralized data & unclear workflows – It is common for organizations to struggle with decentralized data and unclear workflows. Regulators experience these issues in a similar way. With manual audit methods, board staff do not have any formalized tracking of data for licensee CE status, educational provider applications or reactivating licenses. Data can be in numerous places without an easy or clear way for staff to retrieve it. Without a comprehensive system to handle all compliance exchanges, there will always be room for mistakes and delays to happen.

In addition to decentralized data, it is common for functions of the board to route to many different staff members. For instance, educational provider applications and approvals can exchange two or three hands before having the correct approval. Mistakes and errors are bound to happen with this kind of unclear workflow.

Electronic CE tracking systems are not just cost efficient and time savers, they are also an invaluable tool to streamline workflows for all compliance processes and bring staff together into a single, centralized database. Helping to clearly lay out approval processes, verifications and communication with a few points and clicks of the mouse, CE Broker has helped regulators clarify workflows and centralize data for over 12 years.

  1. Licensee Procrastination- It’s not a surprise why much of the licensee population is unenthusiastic about continuing education or compliance. Despite offering numerous resources, licensing authorities find that much of their licensee population is either misinformed of CE requirements and/or grossly confused on the topic of CE in general. It’s not uncommon for these licensees to procrastinate until the last minute to do their continuing education, and often times do not verify what CE is required/approved. In fact, many completely disregard CE until they are within last months of license expiration. During those months, board phone lines are ringing off the hook with all different types of compliance questions. 

Licensed professionals are driven to learn through both professional experience and continuing education. Stressing about CE requirements for renewal shouldn’t be part of their job. A tracking system like CE Broker empowers licensees to master their compliance and become pros at managing it. The system can lift the burden off of the licensee, and give them the tools that convert data into a clear list of what they’ve done, what they need, and when it’s required all year round. If they have any compliance questions, they can always reach CE Broker’s support center where they can speak with a CE expert which helps to keep them informed. Offering a fully-hosted CE tracking system isn’t just for board staff, but to empower licensed professionals with the absolute best web & mobile apps available.

CE Broker is the full package for streamlining your continuing education process, from beginning to end. We leave no stone unturned and ensure that everyone is on the same page for what is expected in regards to licensure and continuing education requirements. Our experience in Florida as the official CE management tool over the past 12 years has really helped us gain confidence as experts in the field. If you want to cut costs associated with CE audits, increase compliance of your licensees and improve communications across the board; CE Broker is the answer!









Most Popular Educational Providers for Medical Doctors

Top Medical Doctor (2)

With Medical Doctor license renewal creeping up (by midnight of January 31st, 2016), you may be looking for some good educational providers to complete your CE with. We wanted to provide you with a list of some popular providers that report to CE Broker for you. (And why would you want to do that? That means less work for you!) And while these aren’t the only providers you can complete CE through, they are the ones that our CE Experts have noted as being popular among your peers.


2.) Florida Hospital

6.) Florida Medical Association

Meet Our CE Experts: Casey Walker

Where are you from? I’m from New Canton.  It’s a really small hunting and farming community in Illinois.

How long have you been with CE Broker? I have been with CE Broker since February.

What’s your specialty/expertise as a CE Expert? As a CE Experts we are exposed to many different professions and providers who are approved by different boards.  I don’t really have a specialty but I do know a lot of different information regarding the different professions.  I also have a pretty good handle on the provider accounts.

If you had the day off of work, what would your ideal day look like? What would you spend your time doing? I would spend my day outside in the sun!

If you could have any super power, what would it be? I think it would be cool to be invisible. I would totally sneak up on people and scare them!

What’s on your bucket list? I haven’t gotten to travel a lot outside of the country so traveling overseas is definitely on my bucket list.

What aspect of your job as Support Center Expert do you enjoy the most? I like helping people understand our website and see the benefit of it.  It can be scary and frustrating to some people that are not used to using computers to report their hours. I like the “Aha” moments that they have when they finally get how to navigate our website.  After that moment they tend to see the benefit of their account and are appreciative that we are here to help them.

What’s your favorite movie? I don’t really watch a lot of movie.  I prefer binge watching Netflix.  Right now I’m watching catching up on Agents of Shield.

The New Provider Suite

The new Provider Suite:

Educational Providers, we have great news for you! We’ve updated our provider accounts, and we’ll introduce you to it right here and now. We are currently in BETA phase with only a few providers using the system, but we plan to have every provider using the new system in the future! We know change can be scary sometimes, so we want to make sure you know what to expect when the time comes.

The Dashboard:2015-11-24_13-42-13

This is the screen you will see when you first log in, and it’s going to be your home base where you will access many familiar features, as well as some new ones! On the left hand side of the screen, you will see a menu with the following tabs: Dashboard (your current screen), Courses, Boards, Communications, and Users (this last tab will only display if you are an Admin. user on the account).

On the Dashboard, you’ll see some key metrics to help you understand your activity at a glance. At the top-middle, there are three boxes: one that corresponds to your average reporting time, a second that displays your total number of active courses, and a third that indicates the number of Board approvals you hold.  Additionally, you will see a snapshot of your average rating on the right-hand side, calculated based on reviews from licensees who have completed your courses.  The graph in the middle will display the number of course completion reports you’ve made on a monthly basis for the last year, while your year to date total will display numerically below the chart. In addition, you will see the number of reports you have made in the current and immediately preceding months.

The Courses Tab:



When you click on the Courses tab from your menu on the left, you will be brought to a master list of all your courses, including “In Progress“, “Pending“, and “Active” courses. Here, you can filter by course type, course status, location, and/or instructor using the “Filters” button at the top right of your course list.  Please note, there is also a search bar at the top that may be helpful; you may use this to search by course name or course tracking number, and you can even search by license number!  Searching by license number will allow you to see all the courses you have reported for a particular licensee at one time, on one list.

To the left of your course list, there is a sub-list of options. You can add a new course, upload roster entries using excel or text files, view rejections, and review a history of your uploads which will include a date and time stamp, as well as a link to the license numbers you included in each posting. You will also have the opportunity to review, modify, and remove any pending uploads, so tracking the upload process for accuracy will be easier than ever!

You may notice you have some new course status indicators, and these tags will show up under each course title on your course list. We have color-coded them to make them easy to identify. The green “Active” tab indicates that all hours on the course have an approved status, while the grey “Active” tab means that at least one Board has approved hours, while at least one other Board request for hours is pending, withdrawn, or expired. The blue “Pending” tab indicates that all applications for approved hours are awaiting Board decisions, and the yellow “In Progress” tab indicates that the course application was saved mid-process as a draft. These “In Progress” applications can be resumed or deleted at any time for your convenience (buttons for either resuming or deleting will be to the right of these “In Progress” courses).

You will see two buttons to the right of each active course as well: “View Summary” and “Manage Roster.” The course summary (pictured below) will show you basic course details, offering information, application attachments, approved hour information, instructor details (as applicable), and any answers you provided to Board questions during your application process. Click “Edit” next to Basic Information to modify your course description, the registration website, or advertising settings.


With the old provider account, the steps to get from adding a course to posting a roster were more complex, and you are certainly accustomed to first creating a course, then establishing a publishing in order to advertise, and then finally adding roster entries. One of the most exciting changes in the new Provider Suite is that publishings are a thing of the past! Instead, you will now have offerings, which allow you to tell our system and the public, via our course search, what dates you will offer your live activities and where. However, that is all the offering is used for—it is no longer necessary in order to post a roster. Click “Edit” next to Offerings to add a new offering or to modify your existing ones, including changing the dates, locations, and prices of each.



To understand more about how that process works, you should go back to your full course list. Each course now has its own single “course roster,” which contains all entries for that course, much like you are used to for anytime/home study courses now.  Click on the “Manage Roster” button to see that master list. You can filter your roster by date range if you would like to see a specific time frame, by state in which the attendees are licensed, by status of the roster entry (Ready to Post, Posted, Rejected), by the location associated with certain attendees, or you can use the search bar to look for a particular licensee by name or license number. Additionally, you can export the roster to an Excel spreadsheet, using the Export button at the top right of the screen.  Click here to read more about how to report manually by license number, or click here for information on the new Excel/Text file upload process in Provider Suite.




Boards Tab:

Provider Suite Boards

From here, you will see a master list of all possible boards. You can sort the list to view only active boards, boards you have not applied for, in progress applications, etc. This section is color-coded so you can see at a glance what status your board application holds. The green “Active”  means that you are approved for that board. The blue “Pending”  tab indicates that you have submitted your application and are awaiting approval. The yellow “In Progress” tab means that you have not yet submitted your application and you need to complete it in order for the board to review. On the left hand side of the screen, you can sort for boards by “status” or by “state.”

Communications Tab:

Provider Suite Communications

The Communications tab is for communication from the board regarding pending applications. All other things that you were used to seeing in your message inbox will appear under the bell icon at the top right hand of the screen, which will lead you to your Notifications page (see below).



Users Tab:



There are two types of users in the new Provider Suite: “Normal” and “Admin.” “Normal” users can perform all functions except for managing users and changing provider-wide settings, while “Admin” users can do everything! Adding a new user has also been simplified– an email will be sent to the individual you wish to add, inviting them to create their own profile.  Once complete, they can begin to access the provider account immediately. You can learn more about how to add, remove, and modify users by clicking here.

Of course, if you have any questions about any of these changes or how to use the new site, there are many resources for you to utilize. At the bottom left of the screen, there is an option to view the FAQs we’ve made for the new Provider Suite. And you can reach out to our CE Experts anytime M-F 8am-8pm (EST) at 877-434-6323.

We’re really excited about this upgrade, and we hope that it enhances your experience with CE Broker!



Meet our CE Experts: Melissa Costley



Where are you from? Born and raised in Jacksonville, FL

How long have you been with CE Broker? Since January 2014. Almost 2 years!

What’s your specialty/expertise as a CE Expert? I am a CE Expert/Support Center Representative.

If you had the day off of work, what would your ideal day look like? What would you spend your time doing? I’d likely spend the day at home, relaxing: read a good book with some hot coffee or chai tea, binge watch TV shows on Netflix, and go for a walk around my apartment complex. Ideally, I’d then finish the day by going out for dinner and drinks with friends, or spend time with my parents at their house.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Flying!

What’s on your bucket list? A ton of things- but at the very top I’d like to visit the Greek Isles and view the architecture/artwork of Florence and Rome, Italy. I’d also like to visit New England in the fall, since I’ve only gone in summer- I heard it’s beautiful.

What aspect of your job as Support Center Expert do you enjoy the most? Honestly, the people I work with. I feel so much support in our little “CEB family” and have never felt out of place or not welcome.

What’s your favorite movie? Oh man…too many to name to just pick one! Recently, I’ve been obsessed with Jurassic World- my childhood was revisited this year when that came out! Also, I recently watched the Green Mile- one of the best movies I’ve seen, so that’s a current favorite.

Meet our CE Experts: Jordan Anderson

Where are you from? I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Fl. I’ve also lived in the same house most of my life.

What’s your specialty/expertise as a CE Expert? My specialty would be minor IT work. Fixing computers to print has been my most popular activity lately.

If you had the day off of work, what would your ideal day look like? What would you spend your time doing? Since I love the water, An ideal day off would be surfing the occasional swells we get here in Jax. I would spend most of my time in the water especially if there was good waves.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? If I could have any superpower, I would want to have super speed. It would be great to get places in seconds and I could visit my distant relatives more often.

What’s on your bucket list? I haven’t thought much about my bucket list but traveling to Alaska would definitely be something I would love to do.

What aspect of your job as Support Center Expert do you enjoy the most? My favorite part about being a Support Center Expert would be the fact that I get to help people with their CEs. It’s a great feeling when you help someone solve a problem and learn something yourself along the way!

What’s your favorite movie? My favorite childhood movie would definitely have to be SpaceJam, but The Martian with Matt Damon is my new favorite.

Meet our CE Experts: Devin Ernce



1. Where are you from?
– Born in Lawton, Oklahoma but grew up in Jacksonville, FL

2. How long have you been with CE Broker?
– A little over a month now

3.What’s your specialty/expertise as a CE Expert?
– Ive had quite a few licensees say I am very patient and calming, so i guess my specialty now is taking time to turn a stressful situation into a calm and collected solution.

4. If you had the day off of work, what would your ideal day look like? What would you spend your time doing?
– My Ideal day off would be getting up early, eating a big breakfast then getting in my car and going somewhere Ive never gone before, Hiking around and discovering new things, eating lunch out on the trail then heading back to town for the night, eating dinner at a nice local restaurant and then going to see some local live music.

5. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
– Ive always wanted to fly!

6. What’s on your bucket list?
– A few things include hiking the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trail. Climbing El Capitan. Sky Diving somewhere exotic. Spending a summer on a missions trip to Africa. Playing in a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

7. What aspect of your job as Support Center Expert do you enjoy the most?
– My favorite aspect of my job is being able to help people find a solution to their problems. Its very satisfying to find a solution to meet someones needs and take the stress out of someones day.

8. What’s your favorite movie?
– I love so many different movies but I would say my favorite movie would be Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, its very nostalgic for me.

Meet our CE Experts: Shane Hall



Where are you from?  While I was born in Pennsylvania, I would say I’m from Jacksonville, Florida since I have been here the longest.

How long have you been with CE Broker? Coming up on 2 years.

What’s your specialty/expertise as a CE Expert? I would say my specialty is in helping a customer from start to finish. I like to offer a complete solution to licensees that have trouble and help them until the issue has been resolved.

If you had the day off of work, what would your ideal day look like? What would you spend your time doing? My ideal day would be either hanging out on a beach, going for a hike or tubing on the river.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Teleportation would be amazing. Being able to go anywhere whenever would be super cool.

What’s on your bucket list? I have a lot on the list! The biggest long shot on the list would be traveling into space. I don’t know if that’ll be possible, but I’m holding out!

What aspect of your job as Support Center Expert do you enjoy the most? I enjoy helping to solve the confusion that users have with CE Broker. I like helping them see how easy and helpful the system is when used properly.

What’s your favorite movie? This one is tough! Interstellar would probably be one of my favorite movies.

Georgia Nursing Providers

You have registered to provide CE for Georgia nursing professionals. Excellent! But have you taken the next step and added hours for Georgia to your existing courses? If not, then Georgia nurses won’t be able to find those courses in the course search. And if you try to report a Georgia RN or LPN on a roster then they won’t receive any hours of credit.

In order to avoid this confusion and for licensees to take your course with confidence, follow these steps:

1. Add the Georgia Board of Nursing

2. Add Georgia Nursing hours to your existing courses as applicable

To add Georgia Nursing hours to an existing Florida Nursing course, first pull up the course summary in your provider account.
Then click “Submit New Boards” under the Profession Selection + Hours section of the summary, and you will be prompted through a simple process to add the applicable Georgia credits. Keep in mind that the only licensed professions governed by the GA Board of Nursing are Registered Nurse (RN) and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). The Advanced Practice nursing professions are “authorized” in the state of Georgia as opposed to “licensed”, so these individuals renew under their RN license numbers. For that reason, you will only be adding CE hours to your FL Nursing courses for GA Registered Nurses (RN) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN).”