There are many reasons CE Broker is the best at what we do – from our email communication system that maximizes licensee compliance to our helpful support center. But one of the main reasons CE Broker is the simplest tool to track course completions and perform audits is because we are a fully-hosted application.

The definition of a fully-hosted application is one hosted and powered from remote cloud infrastructure and is accessed globally through the Internet.  Information is available all of the time through a single point of access.

But what does our fully-hosted application mean for boards and education providers?

  1. Makes it simple for providers and licensees to enter and track course completions. A licensee can log in to their account and see their complete course history at the click of a button. Because the information is so simple to input, boards are more likely to get full and accurate information.
  2. Ensures that information is always available. One of the most stressful parts of tracking course completions and auditing licensees is all of the paperwork. Creating it, filing it, finding it when necessary – it can get very difficult to maintain. Regulating boards, providers, and licensees can access licensee information quickly and easily through CE Broker.
  3. Makes auditing a one-click process. The days of shuffling piles of paperwork around to confirm that a licensee has completed their renewal requirements are over! Because all course completions are reported to CE Broker, the information is compiled and ready to be confirmed by regulating boards.
  4. Ensures that boards will never have to perform system maintenance. We invest a lot of time, resources, and effort into maintaining our website. We have team members working around the clock to ensure that this fully-hosted system works for you consistently and effectively.

With CE Broker’s fully-hosted system, all the information you need is always at your fingertips. Check out our features page to learn more about our comprehensive compliance tracking system.