So you just renewed your license, and you’re clear for another two years to practice. Congratulations!

You may be wondering what happens to your CE Broker Account. Let us explain:

Let’s say it’s just before your license expiration date of February 28th (this is an arbitrary date, your actual license expiration date is probably different). You log in to your CE Broker Account and see a compliance status that says complete. So you renew your license, and all is good. After you renew successfully, we will get the new license cycle from your board.

Once we get the next biennium in our system from your board, we immediately reflect that data in CE Broker. When you log in after your new license cycle starts, your compliance status will show not complete. There is no need to freak out if you see this! Our system has simply been updated to reflect the information for the most current license biennium that we received from your board.  You are now not complete for your new biennium. This does not mean that you are delinquent. We will always show the status for the most current license cycle, and your information constantly builds upon itself.

If you have any questions about your CE Broker Account or compliance, please contact our CE Experts at 1-877-434-6323.