We work with state licensing boards and healthcare professionals at CE Broker to track continuing education. Because we work with government agencies, we have to operate differently than other software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies. This is where our freemium business model comes in.

A freemium business model is a company that offers free and paid account options. The practice of this business model can vary, but at CE Broker, we use this model to provide a free account to any licensee who needs one.

In fact, our goal for growth is to get as many free users tracking their CE with us as possible. As the CEO of Evernote said, “The easiest way to get 1 million people paying is to get 1 billion people using.”

In order to make the freemium model work for CE Broker and its users, there are three priorities we continually focus on:

A comprehensive free service

The freemium model allows us to be absolutely cost-free to boards and licensees.  We continually improve our product and maintain the expectation that most will use it for free.

Support that defines the experience

We believe that great customer service makes or breaks a SaaS company.  In a complex industry like licensure, offering help is critical. The small percentage who choose to subscribe to our upgraded services allow us to provide phone, chat, and email support to all of our users.

Above and beyond upgrades

Because we give away some of our best and most helpful tools, our upgraded account options have to be stellar. Our upgraded accounts automate and simplify CE tracking, and improving those tools is a constant endeavor.

Working with government agencies in a complex field is not right for every SaaS company. In CE Broker’s case, the freemium model has been invaluable to our success.

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