Rapid Growth for EverCheck – License Monitoring

In 2004, we launched a license verification program for hospitals in Florida, called CE Broker for Business. Over the last ten years, 30% of the HR departments in Florida signed up and showed there is a strong demand for automated license monitoring.

So we created EverCheck, our license monitoring program for healthcare employers outside of Florida. In 2012 EverCheck launched with only 1 client with 30,000 licensed employees. EverCheck now monitors a total of 180,000 employees across the nation. Combine that with CE Broker and we now have over 200 clients and monitor 360,000 employees every day. Many clients are large health systems with centralized HR departments responsible for dozens of individual hospitals.

There is clearly a growing demand for healthcare license monitoring. We host the only automated, daily verification system and offer it at the lowest price on the market.

EverCheck sends email notifications to supervisors & HR managers if there is any change to an employee’s license status. Furthermore, employees also receive reminders to renew each license cycle so there is no excuse for forgetting. We take screenshots of the primary source verification results whenever there is a change and store it permanently for use during Joint Commission surveys.

EverCheck started with a focus on state licenses but now also monitors OIG exclusion lists, DEA Registrations, ARDMS, PTCB, AAMA, CPSG, CSFA, and 100’s of other national certifications. And as of March 2015, we can also track and send notifications for what we call “unmonitored” certifications. These are any certifications that cannot be automatically verified but still added to the alert system.

We have integrated with most major HRIS systems. Currently we have Lawson, SAP, Infor, Oracle/Peoplesoft, Workday, and API all set up with EverCheck. The data we send to the HRIS can then be synced with scheduling systems so employees with invalid licenses are ineligible for scheduling.

If you work at a hospital, it’s likely that you will one day get an email reminder from EverCheck. Don’t worry. We’re just looking out for you!

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EverCheck: An Essential Tool for Healthcare Employers

Executive Summary:
Evercheck is a web-based service designed to meet the Primary Source, license verification requirements established by the Joint Commission.  The system automatically verifies each licensed employee every day and creates a permanent history of status changes on secure servers.  It is the ideal complement to human resources and credentialing departments.  Get important up-to-date information into the hands of those who need it most.

The Joint Commission requires hospitals to verify employee license statuses with the “Primary Source.”  Licensed healthcare professionals must – at all times – have a current, valid license to work.  So not only must hospitals verify licensure for each employee on an ongoing basis, the hospital must prove they performed the verification when prompted during a Joint Commission Survey.

What Counts as Primary Source?

The Joint Commission Elements of Performance for HR.1.20 3 states:

1) It is acceptable to verify current licensure, certification, or registration with the Primary Source via a secure electronic communication or by telephone, if this verification is documented.

2) A primary source of information may designate another agency to communicate

credentials information. The designated agency then can be used as a primary source.

3) An external organization (for example, a credentials verification organization [CVO]) may be used to collect credentials information.

Evercheck fulfills the requirements of all three.

The Product:

Evercheck is the most sophisticated and only automatic license verification system on the market.  A web-based fully hosted solution, Evercheck builds and maintains an ongoing license status history for each employee.


  • Each employee’s license status is verified daily with the Primary Source.
Summary of License Statuses
Constant up-to-date knowledge of employee license statuses.
  • License statuses are documented and archived, providing an ongoing history for Joint Commission surveyors.
Archive of employee license statuses
Be prepared to prove license statuses during JC surveys or litigation!
  • License expiration dates are verified regularly in easy-to-read reports.
License Expiration Date Summaries
With EverCheck, you will never have an employee with an expired license on the floor!
  • Email notifications are sent whenever an employee’s license status changes and as license expiration dates approach.
Instant notification of license status changes
Notifications instantly sent to supervisors when license statuses change!
  • Automatic license verification processes are always running in the background.
  • 24/7 access to our suite of online reports and permanent storage of licensee data.
  • Export licensee data into HR databases.
Export EverCheck data to your HR system
Export the important data and pass it along.
Cost-Benefit Analysis
At only $.45 per employee per month, peace of mind is cheap!

The system is powered on 3rd party servers, and users will never have to install or update software.  Give your hard working staff a break and learn more about the benefits of EverCheck.

Call Angie Cardona @ 1-888-404-7996 or email acardona@cebroker.com for more information or a web demo.

CE Broker Announces New National Service for Healthcare Employers

CE Broker, the official continuing education (CE) tracking system for the FL Department of Health, has announced the launch of a new license verification service for hospitals and other healthcare employers nationwide.  The web service, called EverCheck, verifies licensure daily on all employees to ensure that all staff on the floor hold active and clear licenses.

“We have operated a paperless license verification system for the last five years and serve over 30% of the hospitals in Florida” said COO, Brian Solano.  “Now we are ready to make our system available to all healthcare employers across the country.”

EverCheck automates the license verification process and builds permanent employee histories to meet the primary source standards of the Joint Commission and DNV Healthcare. “We find that other credentialing companies offer a comprehensive package but often overlook or underserve ongoing state license verifications,” Solano continued. “We want to be the cost-effective complement for credentialing departments, focused solely on state license verification.”

Hospitals risk litigation or losing accreditation for licensure issues. “With EverCheck, there is no reason any employee should ever be on the floor without a valid license,” said Solano.  EverCheck is now available in most states. You can learn more at EverCheck.com.


Angie Cardona