Mobile Reporting

Our free iPhone App (Android coming soon!) will give you the tools you need to manage your CE from anywhere, anytime. The CE Broker App lets you report your continuing education quickly on-the-go! This way, you can ensure you have all of your requirements met before you renew your license. Talk about peace of mind!

Reporting CE Has Never Been Easier.
Reporting CE Has Never Been Easier.

How Do I Do It?

Reporting from your mobile phone is the same process as reporting on Of course, if you take a course from an educational provider approved directly by the Board, they are required to report to CE Broker for you within 90 days. That completion will show up in your Course History and you will be notified as soon as it is recorded if you have a Professional or Concierge account.

Sometimes though you’ll have to report your hours yourself though, and it’s easier than ever with the iPhone app.

It takes just a few steps:

1. Open your iPhone App and click on the “Report CE” button at the bottom of your screen and follow the instructions as prompted.

Choose Report CE Tab at the bottom of the page.

2. Enter in the how many hours you completed and the date of completion for this course.

Enter Number of Hours Completed and Date of Completion.

3. Choose the correct Subject Area.

Select the Type of Credit You Completed

4. Fill out the name of the course and the name of the Educational Provider.

Attach Documentation or Maintain Your Own

5. Choose to “Attach Your Documentation” or choose to “Maintain Your Own Documentation.” To Attach your documentation, simply take a photo of your certificate of completion and attach to the posting. If you choose to maintain your own documentation, you will want to hold on to that certification of completion for up to 5 years as you could be audited and need to show proof.












6. Click Submit CE and you will be asked to “Attest” that this information is true. After you attest you will get a green check mark that your CE credit has been successfully submitted!

Documentation Successfully Posted!

If you have any questions about how to report CE or questions regarding your license status, you can always reach our CE Experts. Call: 1-877-434-6323 or email
Get started reporting today! Download our FREE iPhone App.

Download the CE Broker App Today!
Download the CE Broker App Today!

CE Broker Publishes an iPhone App

We all work to find a balance between our personal and professional lives.  Fulfilling continuing education requirements is probably the last thing on your mind when you get home from a long day of work.  CE Broker, the continuing education system for the Florida Department of Health, is trying to make it easier for healthcare professionals to stay on top of continuing education requirements.

CE Broker’s continuing education management system has been simplified into a handheld version and is now available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  Users may view official transcripts, search for courses, and view course history while on the go.  A few minutes here and there can be a great source of productivity as healthcare professionals plot their course to continuing education compliance.

Download it from the iTunes store at the link below or from the app store on your “iDevice.”  It’s free.  It’s convenient.  Do not let something that could be simple turn into a stressful and financially painful audit.  Visit for more information

iTunes Store:

Small Business Provides Support for Florida’s Healthcare Professionals

CE Broker Releases Free iPhone App

 JACKSONVILLE, Florida (April 14th, 2011) – The healthcare industry is easily one of the most regulated in the state, and often regulations fall upon the shoulders of Florida’s healthcare professionals in the form of new and sometimes confusing continuing education requirements.  One company, CE Broker, has been creating software that can support Florida’s hardworking healthcare professionals and offers many of its services for free.

Although available for download since August 2010, CE Broker has just recently released the official Version 1.0 of their new iPhone app, allowing healthcare professionals licensed by the Florida Department of Health to manage their continuing education requirements on the smart phone.  The CE Broker iPhone app is available for free download at Apple’s iTunes Store.

Licensed healthcare professionals in Florida can use the new iPhone app to check their continuing education compliance status.  “We’ve taken our proven CE management system,” says Brian Solano, Chief Operating Officer at CE Broker, “and simplified it into a handheld version that is easy for healthcare professionals to use.”

The official course search for the Florida Department of Health is also available on the application.  Users can search for approved courses offered by over 4,000 educational providers.  By simply selecting their profession and desired subject area, licensed professionals have access to over 300,000 approved courses right on their smartphone.   “Amidst all the stresses of being a licensed healthcare professional, continuing education should not be one of them,” says Solano.  “CE Broker and its iPhone application will help licensees save time and avoid needless stress.”

CE Broker subscribers may login with their phone and view their official continuing education transcript and course history.  “Smartphones already play an integral role in the lives of many healthcare professionals,” says Solano, “and CE Broker wants to support them with new innovative technologies.”  The app also allows users to conveniently view which courses are still outstanding and search for courses that meet those requirements.  The company hopes that healthcare professionals licensed in Florida will see the benefit of remote access to official transcripts and stay on top of their continuing education requirements.

CE Broker is the official continuing education tracking system for the Florida Department of Health, bringing healthcare boards, educational providers, and licensees’ data together into one system.

If you would like more information on this topic, or to set up an interview with Brian Solano, please call Evan Kell at 904-726-4225 or email Evan at