As regulatory boards strive to provide oversight for professional standards and ensure the public is served by qualified professionals, continuing education (CE) audits are essential in verifying ongoing compliance with continuing competency requirements. Legacy processes often include manual and paper-based workflows and data submission through a file upload system. 

Simplified CE record management

Digitizing the CE auditing process offers significant advantages for regulatory boards. By implementing a digital platform designed for managing CE records, boards can easily automate the collection, storage, and management of CE certificates. A digital platform goes beyond processes utilizing data submission through a drop box or record management and instead offers boards a full-lifecycle CE management system.  This eliminates the need for manual paperwork and streamlines the record submission process for licensed professionals, reducing administrative burdens for board staff. 

Standardization and automation

The digitization of CE audits allows regulatory boards to establish standardized evaluation criteria, such as selecting a specific percentage of the licensed population to audit and automate compliance checks. Automated compliance checks can enable the staff to prioritize their review efforts.

Real-time tracking and monitoring

Digital solutions provide real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities, simplifying regulatory boards’ oversight of CE audits. With a comprehensive digital platform, boards gain instant access to data analytics and reports, enabling them to monitor CE compliance trends and identify potential areas of concern. Real-time visibility allows for proactive communication,  interventions, timely support, and effective decision-making throughout auditing.

Seamless communication and increase in government transparency

Seamless communication methods and transparency in government processes are essential for a successful CE auditing process. Digitization enables regulatory boards to establish seamless communication channels with licensed professionals. Transparent processes and communication foster trust, reduce confusion and ensure stakeholders are engaged in auditing.

CE Broker: streamlined digital audits 

CE Broker is a leading digital platform designed to manage CE records and streamline auditing. With CE Broker, regulatory boards can benefit from a comprehensive suite of features that facilitate seamless CE record management, automation, and real-time tracking. The platform empowers licensed professionals to submit their CE certificates electronically, reducing paperwork and administrative burdens.

CE Broker’s capabilities enable standardized compliance checks, ensuring consistency and accuracy in evaluating CE records. Real-time tracking and monitoring features provide regulatory boards with actionable insights, enabling proactive interventions and efficient decision-making.

Furthermore, CE Broker promotes transparent communication between regulatory boards and licensed professionals, fostering trust and active engagement throughout the auditing process.


Digitizing the CE auditing process empowers regulatory boards to streamline operations, enhance accuracy, increase customer service, and improve government transparency. By embracing innovative platforms like CE Broker, boards can simplify CE record management, automate compliance checks, and gain real-time visibility into CE audits. The transition to a digital approach enables regulatory boards to ensure ongoing professional development and uphold the highest standards of competence in licensed professionals.