CE Broker, the official continuing education (CE) tracking system for the FL Department of Health, has announced the launch of a new CE tracking service for all registered and practical nurses outside the state of Florida.  The web service, called MyCE Portfolio, will help nurses stay organized and build a digital continuing education portfolio of their completed coursework.

“We’re taking what we have learned while tracking continuing education for the last nine years in Florida and making the same tools available to all nurses across the country,” says COO Brian Solano.  “Our software is unique, and our current users in Florida have been asking us to help them with their requirements in other states for years.”

MyCE Portfolio displays a CE checklist for each license, applies completed courses, backs up certificates, and sends email notifications.  “There are many organizational tools available for finance, banking, and scheduling, but none for continuing education, “continues Solano, “now our system can fill that gap.”

MyCE Portfolio currently serves Registered & Practical Nurses in CA, TX, MA, PA, MI & IL but will soon be available for nurses in all states with continuing education requirements.  CE Broker will continue adding more certifications, specialties, and professions to MyCE Portfolio and new features like smartphone apps.  “Our goal is to simplify the CE process for all professionals across the United States,” Solano says.  You can check it out at MyCEPortfolio.com.