Jacksonville, FL – Aug. 31, 2023 – CE Broker, the leading provider of continuing education management and compliance software, has been selected as the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Professional Licensing’s new system for tracking and managing continuing education (CE).

The Michigan Bureau of Professional Licensing (BLP) oversees 26 licensing boards that are responsible for supporting more than 700,000 licensed professionals working in a wide range of fields. This partnership empowers the agency to leverage the latest technology while improving their processes, leading to high-quality customer service, increased productivity, and improved employee satisfaction.

“We are pleased to provide CE Broker as an option to our licensees,” said Amy Gumbrecht, Director of the Bureau of Professional Licensing within LARA. “The partnership with CE Broker empowers BPL to leverage the latest technology while improving processes, leading to high-quality customer service and increased productivity.”

CE Broker’s platform offers licensees a digital system that streamlines and expedites the license renewal process. Digital tracking systems eliminate paper waste, reduce manual processes, and can increase compliance rates in the state, resulting in a safer and more engaged workforce. 

“We are honored to partner with the Michigan Bureau of Professional Licensing to streamline their license renewal process while providing access to trusted and required continuing education,” said Julie Walker, CE Broker CEO. “Our goal is to make this process simpler for licensed professionals to successfully maintain their license and focus on their most impactful work.”

Through this partnership, CE Broker is committed to helping the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs realize its vision “to be national leaders that partner with people and businesses to improve the lives of Michigan residents through an engaged and inclusive workforce.”

About CE Broker

Recently brought under the Propelus brand, CE Broker is a leading compliance and continuing education management solution.  For over 20 years, Propelus solutions — CE Broker, EverCheck, and Immuware — have propelled the progress of millions of dedicated professionals in their career journey. Our market-leading workforce compliance management technology, full-lifecycle continuing education software, and vital data simplify total professional management for a happier workforce, better operations, and safer communities. We power professionals. Learn more at cebroker.com and www.propelus.com.