Where are you from? Marietta, Georgia

How long have you been with CE Broker? Dec. 3rd 2014-Present

What’s your specialty/expertise as a CE Expert? Calm, patient demeanor, and openness to being a student of life and career. I get lots of compliments on how patient and relaxed I assist licensees and providers alike and how I reduce the freak out within them trying to understand or manage something new and frustrating. I also explain things very well or quite clearly compared to most to eliminate as much misunderstanding as possible.

What would your ideal day look like if you had the day off of work? What would you spend your time doing? Bonding with my instrument and music. I’m a professional drummer/musician and could play my instrument every day. Cosmic communication. A little bit of Zen.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Accelerated Healing, flying

What’s on your bucket list? Playing music with Peter Gabriel, among several other heroes in the artistry of music, legends if you will. Sky diving, Hang gliding, visiting Japan, Tibet, Egypt, and Ireland/Scotland. I have to think about this every time because I don’t like carrying buckets around, so I try to live with desire for the moment and not regret what I haven’t done. So, I never really make a true list, if you will.

What aspect of your job as a Support Center Expert do you enjoy the most? Educating people in a positive, helpful manner.

What’s your favorite movie? Star Wars