“I hope to let them [my team] be independent, help empower them, help them grow and really help elevate them as they become future leaders and continue to grow.”

John Barnes, Chief Product & Technology Officer

As Propelus continues its journey of growth and innovation, the company has found a valuable asset in John Barnes, an experienced leader with a rich professional background. With a passion for technology and a track record of success, Barnes brings a wealth of expertise to his role as part of the company’s trio of teams.

Barnes’ professional journey began in the technology sector, where he started as a developer. In 2005, he joined Model Metrics, a company focused on cloud computing and Salesforce technologies. As part of the team, Barnes played a crucial role in building a technology team around salesforce and expanding the company’s capabilities to other clouds. This journey included venturing into the product space, launching 16 products, and building applications on the App Store. “I built a relationship with Apple, and we had early access to the iPhone SDK. So, actually, we were on the App Store with Expense2GO when Apple launched it in 2008, and one of the first fifty apps. We were even more popular than the official Salesforce app for two years.” During this time, he also served as the company’s public face, speaking at numerous conferences and engaging with prestigious media outlets.

After Salesforce’s successful acquisition of Model Metrics in 2011, Barnes took on new challenges and opportunities. He embarked on an expat assignment in India, where he built a team and established a local presence to enhance Salesforce’s scale and capacity.

“I went to India for a year. I took my family there to build an offshore team and try to take on the challenge,” Barnes shared. “I stayed and built a team of about sixty people in Bangalore and took my wife and two kids. We had a really good year of learning a new culture and having an adventure as a family.” 

Upon returning, Barnes assumed the VP of Mobile Products for Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud division, overseeing a $250 million business focused on mobile marketing products with over 100% YoY growth.

Eager for new adventures, Barnes moved to a private equity-backed company specializing in consumer identity management. In this role, he spearheaded the development of an API and Batch layer to leverage a vast consumer identity graph. Under his leadership, the company expanded its product offerings into a Digital Device Graph and Suite and established partnerships with major clients, including Quicken Loans and NBC Universal.

After achieving remarkable growth and orchestrating a successful exit for the company, Barnes took a well-deserved break to spend time with his family and reflect on his next professional endeavor. 

However, fate had other plans when a recruiter approached him about the opportunity at Propelus. Intrigued by the company’s growth potential and inspired by the positive culture he discovered during conversations, Barnes saw a chance to make a significant impact.

Recognizing Propelus’ potential to expand into new states and professions, Barnes was drawn to the opportunity to help the company scale and achieve a strong growth trajectory. “It seemed like this was already a strong company, and by helping it scale, we can really make a difference and have a large growth trajectory,” Barnes shared. 

Equally important was the company’s culture and the opportunity to work with talented individuals. Barnes believes a strong team and positive work environment are crucial for overcoming challenges and driving success.

In his role as Chief Product & Technology Officer, Barnes brings his vast experience and leadership insight to guide the company through its next phase of growth and transformation. With a focus on cultivating a positive culture and working collaboratively with his team, he is determined to steer Propelus toward new heights. Barnes understands the challenges ahead, but with his expertise and the support of the talented team, he is confident in the company’s ability to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness.

“I let my team figure out the how, and use the trust but verify model, letting them be independent, help empower them, and really help them as they become future leaders and continue and grow,” Barnes shared. 

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