“The partnership with CE Broker has proven to be a time-saving solution for FOMA staff, reducing administrative workload and ensuring accurate and efficient reporting of CE credits.”

Michelle Larson, CAE, CMP

Associate Executive Director of Florida Osteopathic Medical Association



Association Members


For two decades, the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association (FOMA) and CE Broker have developed a strong association partnership dedicated to enhancing the continuing medical education (CME) needs of licensed professionals and creating an enriching membership experience.

FOMA is the third-largest osteopathic association in the United States. Its mission is to advocate for the osteopathic profession and promote Floridians’ health and well-being through osteopathic principles and practices. FOMA offers member benefits for osteopathic physicians and students, such as career advancement through CME, legislative representation, networking events, and more.

In 2003, after legislation was passed to require a statewide continuing education tracking system for the Florida Department of Health, CE Broker was selected as the centralized digital platform for continuing education management. At that time, FOMA began reporting continuing education course completions to CE Broker.

In 2013, another state legislative action required the Florida Department of Health to verify that every licensed professional had completed continuing education requirements before renewing their professional license. This statutory change affected how state associations, like FOMA, worked to help members keep accurate CME records and efficiently report that information to the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine.

CE Broker’s system provided a seamless transition for licensees, educational providers, and boards.

In response to inquiries about initial hesitations regarding the 2013 legislative changes, Michelle Larson, CAE, CMP, Associate Executive Director of Florida Osteopathic Medical Association, said, “The introduction of any new mandatory reporting for our physicians was bound to raise concerns, but partnering with CE Broker has proven to be a valuable collaborative effort.”


Before 2005, FOMA relied on manual methods to track CME for its members. This approach proved time-consuming and inefficient for a small staff. “We used to track CME on a spreadsheet, and we would physically mail certificates. If 2,000 people attended a meeting, we would record everyone on a spreadsheet and then create and mail all 2,000 certificates,” recalled Larson.

This manual process extended to many licensees. Discovering content that fulfilled continuing education requirements, securely retaining certificates and records, and ultimately allowing physicians to renew their licenses with the Board proved to be a time-intensive undertaking for professionals with packed schedules. FOMA sought a cost-effective solution to assist both the Association and its members.


FOMA’s CME tracking and reporting processes transformed when they embraced CE Broker for Learning, a comprehensive continuing education solution that includes discounted member subscriptions. “Prior to CE Broker, only a small group of osteopathic physicians were audited, and if you were audited, they had to prove that they had the required credits for renewal,” Larson said. “Many said they had the required hours but may not have had what was needed.” With CE Broker, all osteopathic physicians licensed in Florida have the required hours recorded in CE Broker to renew their license. FOMA was initially concerned with associations/groups who did not report the hours to CE Broker but saw how easy it is to self-report hours in CE Broker.

“We’re proud to offer our members a better system for education, thanks to this collaboration.”

Michelle Larson, CAE, CMP

Associate Executive Director of Florida Osteopathic Medical Association

Member Benefits and Results

CE Broker equipped FOMA with user-friendly tools to track CME requirements and completions, eliminating the reliance on spreadsheets or disconnected applications. The digital platform centralized record-keeping, saving considerable time and costs by reducing manual processes and ensuring accurate reporting. FOMA’s credibility as an approved education provider expanded as CE Broker reported CME credits for multiple disciplines and medical boards, enhancing the reach of their educational offerings.

Members of FOMA also gain a useful CME tracking tool. “As a benefit, our members receive a subscription to CE Broker, they can log in at any time to see what credits have been reported for them and self-submit any credits that are not reported directly to CE Broker. The FOMA also uploads credit hours for any DO with a Florida license, who attends our CME programs, and we’re able to break out the Florida mandatory hours,” Larson shared. This resource also eliminates the burden of manual record-keeping and relieves members from contacting FOMA for certificates or CME confirmations.

This benefit also extends to retired members who uphold their licensure and engage in ongoing professional development. “Many of our retired affiliates remain diligent in maintaining their licenses and actively participate in our continuing medical education sessions,” stated Larson. This ancillary advantage bolsters member retention and underscores FOMA’s unwavering dedication to supporting members throughout their professional journey.

CE Broker’s platform simplifies the often complicated process of board audits, communication, approvals, and other requirements between educational providers, licensees, and regulatory entities. Larson shared, “The FOMA and our Legal Counsel work directly with the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine. When there are changes to statutes/laws, CE Broker staff has worked quickly to make the necessary changes for the osteopathic profession within CE Broker. There is a good working relationship with the FOMA, CE Broker, and the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine. It is also easy to set up courses, i.e., Prescribing Controlled Substances courses with other Boards for approval, within CE Broker.”

As the relationship between FOMA and CE Broker continues to flourish, Larson reflected on the impact of this collaboration. She remarked, “This [CE Broker] is a partnership that we’re really proud of. We’re so happy to have this for our members and have the ease of education.”

The positive feedback from members highlights CE Broker’s system as more user-friendly than other CME management platforms.

About the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association

The Florida Osteopathic Medical Association (FOMA) is the state association for osteopathic physicians licensed in Florida. FOMA has been serving the osteopathic community since 1904.
Learn more about FOMA at foma.org

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