If you are a licensed healthcare professional in Florida, you’ve probably heard of the Domestic Violence continuing education requirement, and you have likely completed a course or two in this subject area.  You know it’s required every … something … years, and you need … 2? 3? 4? … hours, right?

Let us take a second to explain exactly what is going on here.

The What?

Domestic Violence is a subject area for continuing education, akin to Medical Errors or HIV/AIDS.  Similar to the HIV requirement and unlike Medical Errors, however, Domestic Violence is not required every license cycle.

So when is it required?

The Domestic Violence CE requirement must be met once every six years – every 3rd license cycle.

However, if you take Domestic Violence CE when you are not required to take it, it will reset your clock, and you won’t need it for another 6 years or 3 license cycles.  Still with me?  Your CE Transcript in CE Broker will show you if you need to complete the Domestic Violence requirement, but if you complete it ahead of time, it will not show up again for another three license cycles.  A little confusing but not too bad.

Here you can see the Domestic Violence requirement on a CE Broker Transcript:

How many hours?

2 hours of Domestic Violence CE are required every third license cycle.

Who is required to do this?  If you are licensed by one of these Florida Boards, you need to complete Domestic Violence CE:



Physician Assistant

School Psychology

Social Work




(Council of Licensed) Midwifery

Are the 2 hours a part of my normal CE requirements, or are the 2 hours above the norm?

Here is where it gets a little tricky.  If you are required to take less than 30 hours of continuing education – nursing, for example – then your two hours will be above and beyond your normal renewal requirements.  So if you normally need 24 hours total, with your Domestic Violence requirement, you’ll need 2 extra (26 hours).  That also applies if you are taking it when it is not required.  If you have less than 30 hours, it always has to be above and beyond the standard required hours.

If you are normally required to take 30 or more hours, your 2 hours of Domestic Violence will count towards your total required CE.  In other words, your maximum number of hours required will not increase.

What should you do?

If you’re uncertain, it never hurts to complete 2 hours of Domestic Violence each license cycle.  Or just check out your personal Transcript in CE Broker, and you will find clarity.