“The best way to manage CE Compliance. Anywhere, Anytime.”

CE Broker's New iPhone App. Continuing Education Simplified.

CE Broker’s New iPhone App. Continuing Education Simplified.

We just released our new and improved iPhone App to make tracking your continuing education as simple as ever. Truly. The best part about the whole thing? It’s free to download. Just click on the picture above to get started downloading.

The typical day of a health professional is often crunched for time. Our app offers a way to simplify the complicated, time-consuming license renewal process so that you can make time for what matters to you. Now, as amazing as our new app is, it won’t quite perform your work for you… but it comes pretty close. With the app, you can manage your continuing education from anywhere at the most convenient time. That may mean letting our app walk you through reporting your completed credits while on your lunch break, checking your compliance status via your CE Compliance Transcript while standing in line at the bank, or even searching for last-minute courses to fulfill any of your unmet requirements during any quick break you have throughout your busy work day. This is continuing education simplified.

The iPhone app is a playground of simplicity. There are so many tools you have access to. We’ll go through all the features with you here.

  1. Ability to create a Basic Account right from within the App. When you first open the app, you will be prompted to either create a Basic Account or access an existing account. If you are either creating a Basic Account or accessing your existing account, you will find the option to upgrade from the app to a Professional one, and the charges will be sent to your iTunes account. No credit card information is required. Easy, right?
  2. Licensee Information Page. This page will include all of your license information; license number, profession, status, and renewal period. The license number section will include a drop-down so you can choose to display information from multiple licenses. The best part about this page is the visual representation of your compliance status, so you can see with a quick glance exactly where you stand in your renewal process.
  3. CE Compliance Transcript Page. This will be available only to Professional and Concierge accounts. Your Transcript page will break down your required Subject Area hours, how many of those hours you have completed, and how many of those hours are left for you to complete. If you have a Basic Account, you will find the option to upgrade to a Professional account. Again, all charges go to your iTunes account; no credit card information is required.
  4. Course History Page. This page will display all of your reported course information, including class name, provider name, and how many hours were awarded.
  5. Course Search Page. Our app will access self-study courses only. To search for live courses, you can visit our website. Any classes you sign up for there will integrate seamlessly with your iTunes app account, so you don’t have to report separately. You can customize the self-study course search by subject area. The course detail will then display the registration detail, including a clickable link to the provider’s website (if provided by them).
  6. Report CE Page. Of course, if you take a class from an educational provider approved directly by the Board, they are required to report to us within 90 days. That class will show up in your Course History, and you will be notified as soon as it is recorded if you have a Professional or Concierge account. If you choose to self-report, all account types (Basic, Professional, and Concierge) will all have that option. All you will need to do is enter your course information as prompted. Once you have completed that, you get to one of the app’s coolest features: “Attach a Photo.” Seriously. You get to just snap a shot of your certification from your iPhone, and it will be stored in your Course History so you can access it anytime you need to from our site if you have a Professional or Concierge account.
  7. Account Info Page. This page will list all of your personal account information: Name, Profile Tracking Number, Account Type, Account Expiration Date, License Number, Compliance Status, and your Profession.
  8. Concierge Account Perks. If you are using our Concierge Account, you can select “Automatic Concierge Service.” Just take a picture of your CE activity and submit it. Your Concierge Account Manager will be notified to post your CE. We will do all the reporting for you. You will be notified as soon as that is complete!
  9. Pending Attachment Option. When you report courses from your account on our website, you will see the option “Mobile App.” This will trigger a “pending attachment” notification within your iPhone app. Next time you log in to your iPhone app, you will see a red circle with a pending attachment in the lower right corner. Click that notification and simply snap a picture of your document to be stored.

Make your life easier and download our CE Broker App today. Just click here to be taken directly to iTunes so you can download it for free.