Michelle’s previous years of customer service experience and time spent working for the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing makes her an excellent addition to our team of CE Experts. Her great attention to detail and ability to explain technical concepts to licensees allows her to assist our customers with great efficiency and accuracy. 

We recently met with Michelle to discuss her background, her goals, and her outlook on forging solutions to everyday challenges.

Q | Tell us about yourself. What’s your professional background like, and what brought you to CE Broker?

A | I’ve held customer service and support roles for the last 9 years in various companies and organizations. I truly enjoy assisting people and helping them find solutions. Before joining CE Broker, I worked for the state of Utah in the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing as a licensing specialist. In that role, I assisted customers and processed license applications. 

I was drawn to CE Broker because it was part of a world I was very familiar with (professional licenses and meeting state requirements) and I love that it provides an easy and efficient way for licensees to track their CE compliance.

Q | What unique perspective and skills did you gain while you were with Utah’s Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing?

A | Working for the state of Utah in the licensing office taught me so many valuable things! It gave me greater awareness of how a state licensing office operates and of the different processes that are in place to determine state rules and statutes that regulate licensees and the license requirements. 

When I first started with CE Broker, and a licensee had a question about a CE course and how it is approved, I already had a solid understanding of the difference between board approved and rule/statute approved CE courses. So I was able to explain that difference to the licensee so they could better understand what would be acceptable as CE and how they could accurately report that CE to their CE Broker account.

Q | What do you hope to accomplish in your role as CE Expert?

A | I hope to effectively guide licensees so they can fully understand how to utilize all the features of their CE Broker account. It’s such an excellent tool that truly simplifies CE compliance.

Q | Which of CE Broker’s core values resonates with you the most, and why?

A | As a CE Expert, it would have to be WOW Customer Service. It’s wonderful to be part of a company that genuinely strives to support our customers in the best way possible.

Q | What’s the one thing you’d want others to know about you?

A | I’m a problem solver that loves helping people find solutions.