What are the biggest barriers standing between you and implementing a streamlined CE tracking and auditing system? 

Is it that your budget just won’t allow for a new system?

Is it that you already have limited resources and can’t imagine stretching yourself thinner?

Is it that new regulation is often met with skepticism or even resistance?

Is it that rates of compliance are too important to risk with a new system?

Is it that making big changes just seems too big an obstacle to overcome?

CE Broker can solve every one of these problems. 

Budgetary constraints are real.

We understand that budgets are strict and limited. That’s why CE Broker is free for all stakeholders.

We only make money from 100% optional licensee upgrade services like our Professional and Concierge Accounts. This allows us to remain free for everyone involved.

Boards can actually save money using CE Broker. Our auditing software, CE tracking system, renewal communication, dedicated partner success manager, and support center: All free.  

Resources are limited.

Taking calls from licensees and providers, troubleshooting issues, and manual audits. Sound familiar?

CE Broker eliminates cumbersome, paperwork-ridden auditing. We also handle customer service to licensees and educational providers.  We have a highly-trained support center in Jacksonville, FL that is prepared to answer specific questions from your licensees.

Boards can actually free up their resources by signing on with CE Broker. Why are you doing it all yourself, again?

New regulation is always scary.

Telling your licensees that they have to do something new in order to renew their licenses is almost always met with resistance. This has been the case for every board we successfully track for today.

But by offering well-trained support staff to ease the transition and a dedicated partner success manager to troubleshoot on the board level, we make that transition as easy as possible. Anyone truly interested in simplifying licensure and saving money will be interested in CE Broker.

Compliance rates are king.

Arguably, the most important thing is compliance rates, or licensee competence. CE Broker is proven to increase rates of compliance and licensee clarity.

With renewal reminders and rules and regulation change notifications, licensees can be informed and stay up to date on their compliance status. Our digital tracking tools and compliance transcripts empower licensees to become compliant on time.

Shaking things up is difficult.

If you’re reading this, you may be considering simplifying licensure for your organization. But making big changes is not easy, especially when there are so many stakeholders to consider.

When so much is at stake, shaking things up can seem too big a risk to be worthwhile. Resources, like our support center and automated auditing, increase compliance rates, and is absolutely free to all stakeholders.