Florida Athletic Trainers, it’s about time to renew your license! Your September 30th renewal date is quickly approaching. We want to be sure that your renewal process is quick and painless, so this blog will lay out all of your requirements and answer any questions you might have. There is a chart with renewal requirements and some helpful hints. Keep reading to learn all the ins and outs of your license requirements. 

Requirements for Athletic Trainers

Requirements for Athletic Trainers

Is There Anything Particularly Important I Should Know?

As an Athletic Trainer, you can only receive credit for 10 hours that are completed via self-study. The remaining hours must be live and must be completed in person. You can find all approved courses in the CE Broker Course Search Tool. You can sort by popularity, price, course type, and more to make sure you will receive the proper credit.

You are required to have a valid CPR certificate. You can track your HeartCard and other certificates with a Professional Account in CE Broker. You’ll get notifications of approaching deadlines, so your certificates will never expire without your knowledge.

HIV/AIDS courses are not required for Athletic Trainers, but if you do take one of these courses, it will count toward your General Hours.  

More Information:

For more information on the renewal process, you can visit the Florida Board of Athletic Training website and click on the “Renewal” tab at the top of the screen, or you can simply click on the link above. If you want to renew your license through the Florida Department of Health, click on this link to be redirected to their website.

We are dedicated to helping you successfully renew your license, so we have plenty of tools for you to utilize if you have any questions! We have added a special Athletic Training FAQ section just for you on our Support pages. You can watch our Course Search video by clicking on the picture below to find a specific course to fulfill any unmet requirements.

Watch our Course Search Video here to walk you through how to find the course you need

For your ultimate worry-free, personalized solution, try our 7-Day Trial for our Professional Account. With your Professional Account, you can access your CE Compliance Transcript, receive continuing education and license deadline reminders, report CE to your account, and much more to simplify your renewal process.