CE Broker is a continuing education system that was designed by Information Systems of Florida, Inc. (ISF).  CE Broker was developed in 2003 and has been the official tracking database for the Florida Department of Health (DOH) since January 1st, 2004, in accordance with Florida Statute 456.025(7).  Both the Florida Department of Health and the DC Board of Nursing has implemented CE Broker as their official license tracking system.

In 2003 the Florida DOH, Division of Medical Quality Assurance, put out a Request for Proposal for a Continuing Education Tracking System.  The Request for Proposal was offered as a no-cost contract.  The Vendor that wins the contract would maintain a database that brings the DOH, educational providers and licensed healthcare professionals into one location.  The DOH would receive all fees from educational providers who would like to offer courses to licensees, and the Vendor would power an official course search that connects licensees with the approved educational providers.  The Vendor would not receive any funding from the DOH to either develop the software or to power and maintain the servers for the CE system.  The Vendor would have to create a business plan that would meet all of the DOH’s requirements and allow the company to fund itself.

ISF responded with a unique business plan that would meet all of the DOH’s demands, not requiring any taxpayer funding.  The plan included a voluntary subscription offer to healthcare professionals in Florida that would give licensees access to the DOH’s CE tracking information.  Licensees can use the course search and upload continuing education credits for free but would have to subscribe to benefit from the CE management system.  The proposal met the requirements for the no-cost contract, and CE Broker was born.

Please visit CEBroker.com for more information.