So you gave our Free Trial a shot and decided maybe now isn’t the best time to sign up? Here’s what will happen now:
 Your account will automatically be reverted to a Basic Account and you will not be charged for the Professional Account. Because you already signed up for your 7-day Free Trial, that option will not be available to you anymore. The image below is the Basic Account Dashboard that you will see when you cancel your 7-day Free Trial. Note that if you want to renew your Professional Account subscription, you can do so by clicking the blue “Renew Subscription” button in the top, right hand side of the screen.
What you will gain and lose:

The Course Search & Reporting CE tools will still be available, but you will no longer have access to automated CE compliance calculation/tracking. You will lose the beneficial CE tracking tools specific to the Professional Account such as:

  • Knowing your license status through the CE Compliance Transcript
  • Receiving important deadline notifications
  • Access to records from your Course History
  • Digital storage of your certificates
  • etc.

How you can upgrade to a Professional Account if you change your mind:

Lots of licensees decide to upgrade before license renewal so they know for certain they are compliant. The CE Compliance Transcript will automatically calculate your compliance status for you and show you exactly what’s missing. To upgrade, simply click the “Renew/Upgrade Subscription” button at the top of your account navigation bar.