We are now offsetting electricity consumption for the Jacksonville, FL headquarters, servers, and satellite offices with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). These certificates offset our consumption and add clean energy to the “grid.” By doing this, we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution; strengthening America’s energy independence and diversity; creating jobs in rural areas; and promoting unlimited, emissions-free domestic energy sources.

The plan is to continue to expand our efforts and begin to offset our carbon output by 2016. We hope that more healthcare organizations will follow suit and help put environmental sustainability first!  

“At CE Broker, we place people and the planet first. We must take care of the great resources we have been given, leaving the planet in a better place than we found it. That’s why I have decided that developing and maintaining sustainable business practices will be our most important goal for 2015,” says CEO Brian Solano.

Other ways CE Broker is going green:

Local food delivery  – We’ve partnered with a local production company for Jacksonville office employees to purchase organic, healthy food to be delivered to them in the office.

Remote collaboration – By using technology to stay connected, we reduce the consumption of gas for travel.

Earth Day – We plant a tree for each subscription sold on Earth Day.

Eco-Pass – Employees at our Boulder, CO office use the Eco-Pass to take public transportation and reduce our carbon footprint while commuting.

Staying Green – The services we have developed are taking the licensing industry into an entirely paperless environment.

Beach Cleanup – We like to keep Jacksonville Beach pristine and have an annual clean-up day each summer.

And more – Our employees are wonderful and always looking for more ways to participate in other green volunteering opportunities.