The Course History is included for free with every type of CE Broker account (Basic, Professional and Concierge). You can use this tool to check your CE Compliance status prior to renewing your license. Use the Course History to stay on track and take the guesswork out of your CE process.

The Course History is a chronological listing of courses that have been reported to CE Broker. It includes courses posted by the educational provider and courses that may have self-reported yourself.

In the image below, you can see that your Course History will include the Course Name, Tracking #, Date Completed, who the course was submitted by, number of hours posted, the transcript name (since the Course History has the availability to track for multiple licenses) and you’ll see the Digital Storage option (available only for the Professional and Concierge Accounts).

Course History

To learn more, click through this slideshare on the Course History:

[slideshare id=49704380&doc=coursehistory-150622201355-lva1-app6892]