CE Broker has launched a program aimed at forming partnerships with professional associations across Florida, named the CEB Partners Program.  We want to reward professionals deeply involved in their careers by offering a $5 discount to all members who belong to participating professional trade associations.  A subscription to CE Broker normally costs $29 but is reduced to $24 for members of select associations.

Currently, eleven associations participate:

Florida Society of Oncology Social Workers

Florida Society for Clinical Lab Science

Mental Health Counselors Association Palm Beach County

Broward County Optometric Association

Palm Beach County Optometric Association

Florida Dental Hygiene Association

Florida Society of Respiratory Care

Florida Hospices and Palliative Care

Florida American Associations of Physicists in Medicine

Florida State Oriental Medical Association

Florida Nurses Association

Florida Society of Oncology Social Workers

Florida Health Care Association

Membership in these professional associations offers a number of benefits on top of the discount to CE Broker.  From discounts to other companies, to political representation, to professional development opportunities, these professional associations have much to offer.  The cost of the membership will often pay for itself.  Visit the websites above to learn more and sign up!

I am already a member.  How do I get the discount to CE Broker?

Retrieve the Association Discount Code by calling your professional organization.  Then during step 3 of the subscription flow for CE Broker, look for “Do you have a Promotion or Association Code?”  Click on this line, and the page will drop down, allowing you to enter the Association Code.  Your discount will automatically be applied, and the price for a license-cycle-long subscription will be reduced from $29 to $24.

I belong to an association not listed.  How can I get into the program?

You should directly request your association to enter the CEB Partners Program.  It does not cost them anything to join, and we are more than willing to partner with additional organizations.  Have someone in your association email Evan Kell at ekell@cebroker.com for more info, or send him an email telling him the name of your association.