Educational Providers Who Automatically Report to CE Broker

Florida healthcare professionals must now demonstrate proof of continuing education compliance in CE Broker in order to renew their licenses. With the implementation of Florida Department of Health’s Renewal Ready campaign, it is required that you create an account with CE Broker. By claiming your FREE Basic Account, you can help CE Broker help you simplify your renewal process.

Our services offer many tools for licensees to use in order to successfully renew. For example, the Course Search tool on can be used to find classes offered by Educational Providers that are approved by the Florida Department of Health. These providers listed in our Official Course Search tool are required to report course completions to CE Broker within 90 days. If you waited until the last minute to complete your courses and find that the Educational Provider has not reported your course in enough time for you to renew your license, you can always self-report. However, in order to self-report, you will need to create your account with CE Broker! When you take a class offered on our website, there will be no more guessing whether your credits will count towards your license or not. (This does not mean that CE Broker offers the courses, we are just the tracking system that hosts a place for these courses to be listed).

The Reports to CE Broker Stamp

To make your decision easier on which course to take, we redesigned a digital stamp for Educational Providers to advertise on their website, social media pages, and other marketing collateral. As a  licensee, you can have peace of mind about the timeline your completed credits will be reported. There are two different stamps we are handing out to providers, depending on their average reporting time.

The “Automatically Reports to CE Broker Within 7-Days” Stamp will be given out to providers who report within 7 days and will look like this:

"Automatically Reports to CE Broker Within 7 Days" Badge.
“Automatically Reports to CE Broker Within 7 Days” Badge.

The “Automatically Reports CE to CE Broker” stamp is for providers who report to CE Broker within the required 90 day time frame mandated by the FDOH. That stamp looks like this:

"Automatically Reports to CE Broker Within 30 Days" Badge.
“Automatically Reports to CE Broker Within 90 Days” Badge.

Be aware of both stamps and make an informed decision when taking courses, to ensure they are reported within your desired time. We sent emails out to every Florida provider to have them display these stamps in a visible spot so licensees can easily identify them.

Verify An Educational Provider Yourself

You can also verify an Educational Provider right from our Course Search Tool if you find that to be easier! You can click on the link above to be redirected to the Course Search and click “Just need to verify an educational provider?” (the red arrow below shows where you can locate this option).

Verify Provider


To create your FREE Basic Account with CE Broker or to see what other account options are available to you, click HERE.

If you want to find approved courses, visit CE Broker’s Course Search by clicking HERE. You can narrow your search to meet your requirement needs by Course Type, Provider, Cost, Popularity and more.


An Asset to Healthcare Professionals and Educational Providers – The New CE (Broker) Course Search

On November 1st, 2011 we unveiled our new and improved continuing education Course Search.  We created a new look and feel and added a number of new features, designed to make the search more helpful to healthcare professionals in FL and nurses in DC.

*The CE Broker Course Search Guarantee: All courses listed in our Course Search have been pre-screened and will count towards your profession’s renewal requirements.  These courses will also automatically be reported to your records within 90 days.

Users now have a number of search options, which can be used to narrow results.  First, we ask for “Course Type” where you select “Live” or “Self Study” – self study courses are taken at home and often online.  Then you may choose to search for a particular educational provider, course name, or most importantly Subject Area.

After you click “Begin Search” the courses that fit your search criteria will display.  You will notice a new column: Price.  The providers of the CE courses may now enter a price for each of their courses.  It will take some time for providers to update all of their offerings with a course price as some offer thousands of different CE activities, but it is our hope that eventually all courses will show a price.

**Important Note to educational providers: Your courses will be more visible to users if you add a price to your course details

We have also included a number of “Sort By” features.  You can organize your search results by Course or Provider Name, CE Hours, Price, or Popularity.

The improvements to the Course Search were made with licensees in mind.   Once you find a course, we will redirect you to the educational provider’s website.  Some providers will take you directly to a course registration page while others will take you to their homepage.  Just like with the new “Price” feature, eventually all courses will take you directly to the registration page.

You will get this message so you know for sure when you are leaving the CE Broker Course Search:

We hope you take a few minutes to explore some of the new features and find the courses you need.

Access the new Course Search here.

New Course Search Features for Providers

We have launched a new and improved Course Search and there are some important changes you need to be aware of.  It has a new look and many new features for providers and licensees:

1)      Unique Course Registration Website

2)      Course Price

3)      Provider logo

4)      New tags for Unique Course Registration Website and price in the XML file format

You can now enter a unique Course Registration Website for every course you wish to advertise.  When a licensee selects to take your course, our Course Search used to take the licensee to the same page for every course you offered.  Now, you can have a separate address for every course, so you can take the licensee directly to your registration page.  This feature is optional.  If you do not enter a Course Registration Website, we will use the Registration Website if one is listed in your Organization Profile.  We believe licensees will be much more likely to take your course if they can get to the unique course registration page.

You can now enter a price for all of your courses.  Users will be able to sort results by price and eventually may be able to search by price.  We believe that this new feature will be helpful to both your business and licensees.  This feature is also optional.

When you create a new course, we will now ask you if you want to “Advertise to the Licensee Public?”

For a live course:

For an anytime course:

If you select “Yes” for an anytime course, it will automatically be advertised on the Course Search so you do not have to go back and publish later.

You may now also add price and Unique Course Registration Websites to existing courses or existing publishings.  It is very important that you enter the entire URL for the Course Registration Website like the example shown.

Because every course has its own unique page and URL, your courses advertised on our search have a chance of showing up on traditional search engines like Google.  The more keywords you include in your course description the better your chances of being found in the traditional search engines.

You can upload your logo from the Organization Profile page and it will be applied automatically to all of your individual courses.

Every course in our search will have its own unique course description page.  Here the licensee will get the course details and course description as well as seeing a logo for your company.  Licensees will also be able to “Share” the course with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, or by email.

New tags for Course Registration Website and price are now included in the XML file format.  Call the Help Desk if you need assistance. 1-877-434-6323

We have also added a new graphic to the Course Search to help clarify a common misconception.  Often licensees believe they are taking courses with CE Broker because they are using our Search.  We added this graphic when they choose to start a course.

Anything you can do to help educate your customers on our role as the Official Course Search, not as an educational provider, would be greatly appreciated.


We believe that these changes will be a great help to licensees and your business.  Please notify us if you have any questions.


Steps to Continuing Education Compliance

As a licensed healthcare professional in Florida, you are required to complete continuing education requirements specific to your profession and specialties.  Failure to do so can result in audit, fines, and unneeded stress, but it does not have to be that way.

CE Broker simplifies the continuing education process so you can get on with your life and focus on the things that matter most to you.  Follow these steps and you can avoid the risk of punitive action from the Florida Dept of Health for non-compliance.

1.   Subscribe to CE Broker

Go to, click “Healthcare Professional”, and select your location.  Enter your license number, click “continue”, and proceed through the sign-up process.  Your subscription grants you permanent access to your continuing education records for the current license cycle.

Please note that your subscription pays for access to one license cycle and it is necessary to renew your subscription when you enter a new cycle if you would like access to your new records.  Your account will not automatically be renewed as CE Broker does not save any credit card information.

**Note: If you have never subscribed to CE Broker before, you may sign up for a 7-day free trial before subscribing.

2.  View Your Official Transcript

Once you log in, you will want to view your official transcript.  Select “My Records” across the top banner and click “Transcript” from the pull down menu.  You may have access to multiple license cycles and can access past records from the pull down menu in the top right of your transcript.  Most importantly, however, your expiration date and requirements are listed clearly on this page.  Your transcript displays what is required, what is met, and what is still outstanding.  Getting an early start to fulfilling your requirements is the optimal way to ensure compliance before your license cycle ends.


3.  Report Continuing Education Credits

If you have already completed courses during this license cycle but they do not appear on your transcript, there are a couple of possible explanations.  You may be able to self report your completed courses.  For more information, click here.

4.  Use Official Course Search

For any unmet requirements, you can search for approved coursess through the CE Broker course search.  Any course which you find via this course search will automatically be reported to CE Broker upon completion.  (The DOH allows up to 90 days for providers to report courses).  Either click “Complete Click” at the bottom of your transcript to view courses that will meet your outstanding requirements or click “Search” across the top banner and select “Course Search” from the drop down menu.

It is important that you pay attention to the specifications provided in your transcript for valid CE courses.  Often you will be required to take a certain number of classes live versus online.


5.  Complete Courses

So long as you take courses from approved providers found in the CE Broker course search, the courses will be reported automatically by the provider.  You will receive an e-mail and a message in the CE Broker message box every time a new course completion has been reported.

6.  Audit Shield

Once you have met your continuing education requirements, “Yes, Compliant” will display on your transcript.  If you are then selected at random by the Department of Health for audit, CE Broker will protect you and you will not receive an audit letter!

Requirements can differ for each person, and every year the DOH levies fines against experienced healthcare professionals for non-compliance.  Please, do not let this happen to you.  Subscribe early in the cycle, follow these simple steps, and become compliant.