The History of CE Broker

CE Broker is a continuing education system that was designed by Information Systems of Florida, Inc. (ISF).  CE Broker was developed in 2003 and has been the official tracking database for the Florida Department of Health (DOH) since January 1st, 2004 in accordance with Florida Statute 456.025(7).  Both the Florida Department of Health and the DC Board of Nursing have implemented CE Broker as their official license tracking system.

In 2003 the Florida DOH, Division of Medical Quality Assurance, put out a Request for Proposal for a Continuing Education Tracking System.  The Request for Proposal was offered as a no cost contract.  The Vendor that wins the contract would maintain a database that brings the DOH, educational providers, and licensed healthcare professionals into one location.  The DOH would receive all fees from educational providers who would like to offer courses to licensees, and the Vendor would power an official course search that connects licensees with the approved educational providers.  The Vendor would not receive any funding from the DOH to either develop the software nor to power and maintain the servers for the CE system.  The Vendor would have to create a business plan that would meet all of the DOH’s requirements and allow the company to fund itself.

ISF responded with a unique business plan that would meet all of the DOH’s demands, not requiring any tax payer funding.  The plan included a voluntary subscription offer to healthcare professionals in Florida that would give licensees access to the DOH’s CE tracking information.  Licensees can use the course search and upload continuing education credits for free but would have to subscribe to benefit from the CE management system.  The proposal met the requirements for the no-cost contract and CE Broker was born.

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Does CE Broker Offer Continued Education Courses?

CE Broker powers the official course search for the Florida Department of Health (DOH).  There are over 4,000 approved educational providers, offering over 300,000 courses.  It can be overwhelming for a licensee who is searching for a course through a traditional search engine.  Is this provider approved?  Will this course automatically be submitted to CE Broker or do I have to report it myself?  CE Broker organizes and categorizes this information in its course search.  Every course listed on the CE Broker website is offered by an approved educational provider, and every approved provider automatically submits course completions into the CE Broker system.  If you found the course on the CE Broker course search, you do not need to report the course completion.

To search for a course, go to the CE Broker course search, select your profession, desired subject area, and find that course that is right for you.

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You are not able to sign up for a course at the CE Broker website.  The link attached to the course listing will take you to the educational provider’s website and you can register there.  Remember, by using the CE Broker course search you can be certain that the course you sign up for is being offered by an approved provider which will automatically submit completions to CE Broker.  The course search is also now available on the CE Broker iPhone App which can be downloaded from the app store or from iTunes.

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CE Broker Publishes an iPhone App

We all work to find a balance between our personal and professional lives.  Fulfilling continuing education requirements is probably the last thing on your mind when you get home from a long day of work.  CE Broker, the continuing education system for the Florida Department of Health, is trying to make it easier for healthcare professionals to stay on top of continuing education requirements.

CE Broker’s continuing education management system has been simplified into a handheld version and is now available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  Users may view official transcripts, search for courses, and view course history while on the go.  A few minutes here and there can be a great source of productivity as healthcare professionals plot their course to continuing education compliance.

Download it from the iTunes store at the link below or from the app store on your “iDevice.”  It’s free.  It’s convenient.  Do not let something that could be simple turn into a stressful and financially painful audit.  Visit for more information

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