CE at Renewal – Are You Renewal Ready?

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Since May 2015 was the beginning of mandatory renewal, when you MUST show proof of CE compliance before you can renew, it’s more important than ever that you know if you are renewal ready! “How do I know that?” you may ask. We’ll tell you. Or better yet, we’ll show you! Just watch the Department of Health’s latest “Are You Renewal Ready” video below.

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How does mandatory renewal work?

When you renew your license with the Florida Department of Health, they will instantly verify your records in CE Broker to ensure that all of your requirements have been met. If your continuing education records are up-to-date in CE Broker then you will be able to proceed through renewal with no interruptions. If credits still need to be reported when you go to renew, you will be redirected to your CE Broker account to report those. Once you’re finished you will be returned to finish your renewal. It is a seamless process, making your renewal quick and painless!

How the CE renewal process works.

What does having an account with CE Broker mean?

An account with CE Broker allows you to report your own course completions and review them in your Course History and CE Compliance Transcript. Once all your requirements are fulfilled, your CE Compliance Transcript will read “Complete.” When you are complete, you can renew your license knowing 100% that you are compliant with the Florida Department of Health. There are multiple account types, so choose the one that best fits your needs:

Basic Account– Free, no-frills way to report course completions and verify everything you have completed is entered into the system for renewal time.

Professional Account– Includes all the Basic features as well as access to your official CE Transcript, email renewal reminders and helpful tips, course alerts and digital storage for all of your completed certificates.

Concierge Account– Designed for the extra busy healthcare professional this is our full service account. You’ll be provided a personal reporting assistant who will report CME for you and provide expert service with any questions you may have along the way.



Recent Board Rule Changes

Are you up-to-date with the news in the compliance world? The Florida Board of Nursing and the Florida Board of Respiratory Care have recently changed their rules to require hours on the topic of laws and rules that govern the practices of those professions. We’ve included links to their websites for your convenience:

Florida Board of Respiratory Care

Florida Board of Nursing

What else could change between now and 2015? You may feel that you were on top of things for the most recent license renewal, but are you able to fit the tracking of regulatory changes into your already busy schedule?

You don’t have to! Professional subscribers to CE Broker will enjoy the benefits of a consistently updated transcript that displays how close you are to fulfilling each requirement. We’ll let you know of any changes as soon as your board implements them!

For more information, visit:


Sample Transcript

Invite a Friend and Save!

We launched a new feature to help you spread the word about our great service. You can now invite friends to try CE Broker by emailing, posting to Facebook, or tweeting a customizable message about the Professional Account.  And here’s the good news: After you share three times, we will give you a promo code so you can save 10% off of your future subscriptions.  We may adjust or increase the reward for sharing in the future (enter your name in drawings, etc.) so stay tuned!

InviteFriendJust log into your account and click “Invite a Friend.” Thank you from everyone at CE Broker for your continued support!

The Florida Medical Association and CE Broker Collaborate on New CE Service

CE Broker, the official continuing education (CE) tracking system for the Florida Department of Health (DOH), has provided online CE/CME management tools to medical doctors and other healthcare professionals since 2004 and is now launching a new service in collaboration with the Florida Medical Association.

CE Broker manages the database of CE records for the Florida Department of Health.  To determine compliance with continuing education renewal requirements, the FL DOH, Division of Medical Quality Assurance, reviews the records in CE Broker.  Licensed healthcare professions in Florida should have all of their CE in CE Broker before renewing their licenses.

Physicians and other licensed professionals may be required to complete over 40 hours of continuing medical education every two years and many go above and beyond that requirement.  Manually reporting those hours can be time consuming so CE Broker and the FMA are teaming up to take this burden off of doctors’ shoulders.

The new Concierge Service will take over the process of managing, tracking, and reporting CE for Florida’s doctors who would normally have to handle all of it themselves.  Physicians will be able send their certificates to CE Broker’s trained staff who then take it from there.

“Florida physicians have been asking us to simplify the process of reporting and managing their CME,” says COO, Brian Solano. “We have listened and created the new Concierge Account specifically to meet the needs of busy physicians.”

It is now more important than ever before.  Beginning in 2013, the Florida Department of Health will verify each practitioner’s continuing education records in CE Broker at the time of renewal.  Doctors will be prompted to report CME hours if their continuing education records are incomplete.  

“CE Broker’s services are all voluntary and nobody will ever be forced to subscribe,” says Solano, “but we believe many will see the value in the new Concierge Service.”

At $90 per year, FMA members are receiving an exclusive discount.  Read more at the FMA page, floridamedical.org.

The Concierge Service is available to all who are interested. Learn more HERE.

CE Broker’s New Service Model

On September 3rd, 2012, we rolled out a new service model for healthcare professionals in Florida. Everything you have loved about CE Broker, now better and easier to understand. The first significant change in 8 years, we are excited to share our simplified subscription model with you.

How It Used to Work:

Standard subscriptions to CE Broker used to cost $35 per license cycle.  Service lasted until the end of each user’s license cycle.  Whether you subscribed at the beginning or end of your cycle, your subscription would end on the same date.  80% of all CEB users subscribe in the last 2 – 3 months directly preceding the license expiration date.  Therefore, the $35 was only buying 2 – 3 months of CE Broker’s online continuing education tools.

The Change:

Subscriptions to CE Broker Professional Accounts will now cost $29 per year. Every FL healthcare professional that subscribes to CE Broker is guaranteed to receive one full year of access.  This new model is both fairer and simpler.

“We believe this change will make our service more user-friendly and easier to understand,” says COO Brian Solano.  “Most of our users will get more value for less.”

We released a new homepage and a new launch page to explain the change.

Three Different Levels of Service:

Basic Account: This account is FREE and allows you to access a basic course history, which lists all courses reported by you and approved educational providers.  You can also report additional CE at no charge.

Professional Account:  We recommend this level of service.  It includes everything from the Basic Account plus some vital tools that will clarify your CE requirements and make tracking a whole lot easier.  If you enjoyed the $35 subscription service to CE Broker before, then this one is for you. $29 per year.

Concierge Account: We designed this service at the request of many physicians across Florida. A number of licensees take CE entirely outside of Florida and must then report all of those hours themselves. Our team of CE experts has been repeatedly asked to manually report continuing education so we created the Concierge Service to help those who want it.  $99 per year.

View the new launch page HERE.

CEB New Pricing Page

Domestic Violence CE – The In’s & Out’s

If you are a licensed healthcare professional in Florida, you’ve probably heard of the Domestic Violence continuing education requirement and you have likely completed a course or two in this subject area.  You know it’s required every … something … years and you need … 2? 3? 4? … hours, right?

Let us take a second to explain exactly what is going on here.

The What?

Domestic Violence is a subject area for continuing education, akin to Medical Errors or HIV/AIDS.  Similarly to the HIV requirement and unlike Medical Errors however, Domestic Violence is not required every license cycle.

So when is it required?

The Domestic Violence CE requirement must be met once every six years – every 3rd license cycle.

However, if you take Domestic Violence CE when you are not required to take it, it will reset your clock and you won’t need it for another 6 years, or 3 license cycles.  Still with me?  Your CE Transcript in CE Broker will show you if you need to complete the Domestic Violence requirement, but if you complete it ahead of time it will not show up again for another three license cycles.  A little confusing but not too bad.

Here you can see the Domestic Violence requirement on a CE Broker Transcript:

How many hours?

2 hours of Domestic Violence CE are required every third license cycle.

Who is required to do this?  If you are licensed by one of these Florida Boards, you need to complete Domestic Violence CE:



Physician Assistant

School Psychology

Social Work




(Council of Licensed) Midwifery

Are the 2 hours a part of my normal CE requirements or are the 2 hours above the norm?

Here is where it gets a little tricky.  If you are required to take less than 30 hours of continuing education – nursing, for example – then your two hours will be above and beyond your normal renewal requirements.  So if you normally need 24 hours total, with your Domestic Violence requirement you’ll need 2 extra (26 hours).  That also applies if you are taking it when it is not required.  If you have less than 30 hours, it always has to be above and beyond the standard required hours.

If you are normally required to take 30 or more hours, your 2 hours of Domestic Violence will count towards your total required CE.  In other words, your maximum number of hours required will not increase.

What should you do?

If you’re uncertain, it never hurts to complete 2 hours of Domestic Violence each license cycle.  Or just check out your personal Transcript in CE Broker and you will find clarity.

How the Florida Department of Health is using IT to simplify continuing education.

The Florida Department of Health licenses over one million healthcare professionals and issues continuing education requirements for each individual.  In 2003, pressure was mounting on the Department to reduce costs while at the same time maintaining high professional standards.  They wanted to increase compliance enforcement efforts without discouraging new entrants into the industry.

Furthermore, the State Legislature passed Florida Statute 456.025(7) mandating the DOH to implement a paperless, electronic tracking system for continuing education.  So the Department put out a RFP and launched a major IT project.  Its solution – CE Broker, developed by ISF – became the Official Continuing Education Tracking System on January 1st, 2004.


The CE Broker Solution

CE Broker is a fully hosted 3rd party system that ties together the Department of Health with its individual Boards, licensed healthcare professionals, and approved educational providers. The Department of Health seamlessly integrates licensee data into CE Broker where continuing education requirements have been programmed for official and public use.

CE Broker tracks all required continuing education activities and makes licensee records available to regulating Boards.  All healthcare practitioners are held accountable for their continuing education but they are not without assistance.

The practitioners have access 24/7 to the following features: Official Transcripts, a detailed course history, the Official CE Course Search, automatic email reminders of important dates and events, and the ability to report course completion credits.

The Official Transcripts break down Board requirements by subject area, hours, delivery method, and other conditions, and are updated in real-time as courses are posted.  Think of the Transcripts as dynamic checklists – requirements are fulfilled as licensees complete courses.  CE Broker also released a free iPhone app for licensees in August of 2011 and staffs a professional Help Desk of continuing education experts who are available via phone, email, and chat.

Educational providers apply electronically through CE Broker for Board approval to offer courses. The CE Broker system digitally forwards applications and application fees to the appropriate Boards. If approved, providers register courses on CEBroker.com, post their courses to the Official Course Search, and will automatically report course completion credits for licensees directly to CE Broker, saving licensees time and allowing them to focus on learning.



The Department of Health has streamlined continuing education operations, reduced costs, and simplified professional development requirements. The CE Broker system has cut down on and simplified work flows for Department of Health staff.  All licensees are held accountable for their continuing education requirements, while at the same time finding clarity on exact expectations.  CE Broker continues to develop new features, and many healthcare professionals enthusiastically appreciate the Department of Health’s choice to implement this system:

“My workday is very hectic so having CE Broker track my required continued learning gives me peace of mind, knowing that my records will be accurate and protected. CE Broker gives me confidence that my license renewal will go smoothly.”  – Cathy, Registered Nurse.

“I am licensed in two other states and it is so much easier in Florida. I am very happy with this service. It reduces stress. Thank you for your great staff and service.  – Victor, Medical Doctor


Looking Forward

The Department of Health continues to work closely with the staff at CE Broker to improve features for licensees and simplify continuing education operations. The two entities have become seamlessly integrated and serve as a prime example of innovation and private-public partnerships.


For more information, contact:

Evan Kell, Brand Manager

ekell@cebroker.com, cebroker.com

How to Report CE hours to CE Broker…

As you likely know by now, some educational providers report CE hours directly into our tracking system.  Those approved by Florida Boards will report for you.  Others – those approved by National Boards, for example – will probably not.  So if your courses are not reported for you, do you know how to enter your hours?

Step 1: Find your CE Certificate

The certificate you received for completing the continuing education course should include all of the pertinent information for reporting.

Step 2: Login to CE Broker

If you are a subscriber, login to your account. You will see the Report CE option on your Dashboard.

If you have never registered with CE Broker before you can easily create an account — we have many options to choose from.  You can create a free Basic Account. With this option you have access to your Course History which displays your reported CE. You can use your Course History to compare completions to your Board’s requirements to ensure you are compliant before you renew your license. Or you can use a Professional Account for $29/year to use your CE Compliance transcript (and other great features!) to automatically calculate your compliance. You’ll know immediately when you have met 100% of your requirements. The Concierge Account is for the busy healthcare professional who doesn’t have time to report and manage CE. For $99/year you will get a full reporting service along with your personal reporting assistant. Simply take the course and give us your certificate of completion. We’ll report everything for you and let you know if any CE/CME is lacking and when you reach 100% compliant. We’ll do everything but take the courses for you!

Account options


Step 3: “Report Continuing Education.”

Select “Begin Reporting” from your dashboard or go to the top navigation bar and select “Report Continuing Education” under “My Records.”

Report Hours


Step 4: Follow the steps — Answering questions along the way:

Every profession will have different options for reporting so you need to pay close attention to the steps.  Here is an example selection for nursing.  In this case, the first options is the most common.

Report CE Credit


Step 5: Answer the last few questions and prepare to attach or fax document.

The Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance, now requires proof of compliance at the time of license renewal. It is critical that you either attach your certificate of completion to your account via digital storage (with a Professional or Concierge Account only). If you do not want to attach your document, you can choose to maintain your own documentation. Please note that the DOH requires you to keep record of your CE completions for up to 4 years. Or you can fax your documentation to our CE Experts and they will attach it for you. When you select “Attach Document,” you can print a cover sheet to be sent with your certificate (Cover Sheet, then Certificate).


Once you reach the confirmation page shown below, you are finished and have successfully reported your CE/CME!

Confirmation page

It’s a simple process if you follow the directions, and rest assured that the first time takes the longest.  Call us at 1-877-434-6323 M – F 8am – 5pm if you need assistance.  CEBroker.com

Science and math prove that CE Broker Transcripts are the greatest advancement in continuing education of all time.

What is a CE (Broker) Transcript?

Likely, you have seen a transcript before.  You probably requested that your high school send your transcript to a prospective college.  It detailed your academic history, completed courses and grades.  It looked backwards and displayed your achievements.  A CE Broker transcript, however, does much more.  While documenting your successful completion of CE hours, our transcripts detail your renewal requirements, are specific to each individual, and “know” how to factor the CE hours that you earn into your overall requirements.

Renewal Requirements

The legislature passes laws.  The Boards add rules.  Insert fine print.  Insert fine print.  The staff at CE Broker wades through the quagmire of years of compounding regulations.  We hack.  We slash.  We probe and inquire.  Our CE experts deduce the original intent of the continuing education rules and determine the exact renewal requirements of every healthcare professional in Florida.

What determines your CE renewal requirements?  Profession.  License type.  License status.  Specialties.  Cycle number.  Licensed by exam.  Licensed by endorsement.  So on.  And yes, it gets more complicated.

Here is one example of the rules as described by the DOH:

Remember, these are the generic rules that would apply to you if there were no exceptions, conditions, or abnormalities dealing with the acquisition and maintenance of your license.  Compare this to a CE Broker transcript:

A subscription to CE Broker gives you ongoing access to these transcripts, and that is where the real value becomes evident.  These transcripts are not static, they are dynamic.  As providers of CE courses report hours into CE Broker, we automatically update your transcripts and reconfigure your overall requirements.  Here is a snapshot of a transcript with three courses reported:

Think of a GPS navigation system.  If you opt for a different route than the one selected, you can reconfigure the directions based upon your current location and you will find new directions.  CE Broker transcripts are updated every time new course completions are reported and give guidance as you proceed.

Our transcripts are smart.  We program all of the details of the DOH’s rules into our records.  Sometimes you may earn only a limited number of hours in a particular category, other times they can roll over.

There is also a summary of your renewal requirements and reported hours on the top of your transcript for quick reference.  Check the summary.  See from where that 1 missing hour comes.  Take a quick course.  Avoid the audit.

Once you have completed all of your renewal requirements, all that ugly scary red will transform into a cool, reassuring green.  “Complete” displays at the top of your transcript and you will never be audited.  This is an example of what all healthcare professionals should aspire to see before his or her license expires:

Be diligent in your professional development and take advantage of the option to have ongoing access to official CE transcripts.  This is a luxury allotted only to healthcare professionals in FL and nurses in D.C.  Visit CEBroker.com for more information