Most Popular Educational Providers for Medical Doctors

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With Medical Doctor license renewal creeping up (by midnight of January 31st, 2016), you may be looking for some good educational providers to complete your CE with. We wanted to provide you with a list of some popular providers that report to CE Broker for you. (And why would you want to do that? That means less work for you!) And while these aren’t the only providers you can complete CE through, they are the ones that our CE Experts have noted as being popular among your peers.


2.) Florida Hospital

6.) Florida Medical Association

The New Provider Suite

The new Provider Suite:

Educational Providers, we have great news for you! We’ve updated our provider accounts, and we’ll introduce you to it right here and now. We are currently in BETA phase with only a few providers using the system, but we plan to have every provider using the new system in the future! We know change can be scary sometimes, so we want to make sure you know what to expect when the time comes.

The Dashboard:2015-11-24_13-42-13

This is the screen you will see when you first log in, and it’s going to be your home base where you will access many familiar features, as well as some new ones! On the left hand side of the screen, you will see a menu with the following tabs: Dashboard (your current screen), Courses, Boards, Communications, and Users (this last tab will only display if you are an Admin. user on the account).

On the Dashboard, you’ll see some key metrics to help you understand your activity at a glance. At the top-middle, there are three boxes: one that corresponds to your average reporting time, a second that displays your total number of active courses, and a third that indicates the number of Board approvals you hold.  Additionally, you will see a snapshot of your average rating on the right-hand side, calculated based on reviews from licensees who have completed your courses.  The graph in the middle will display the number of course completion reports you’ve made on a monthly basis for the last year, while your year to date total will display numerically below the chart. In addition, you will see the number of reports you have made in the current and immediately preceding months.

The Courses Tab:



When you click on the Courses tab from your menu on the left, you will be brought to a master list of all your courses, including “In Progress“, “Pending“, and “Active” courses. Here, you can filter by course type, course status, location, and/or instructor using the “Filters” button at the top right of your course list.  Please note, there is also a search bar at the top that may be helpful; you may use this to search by course name or course tracking number, and you can even search by license number!  Searching by license number will allow you to see all the courses you have reported for a particular licensee at one time, on one list.

To the left of your course list, there is a sub-list of options. You can add a new course, upload roster entries using excel or text files, view rejections, and review a history of your uploads which will include a date and time stamp, as well as a link to the license numbers you included in each posting. You will also have the opportunity to review, modify, and remove any pending uploads, so tracking the upload process for accuracy will be easier than ever!

You may notice you have some new course status indicators, and these tags will show up under each course title on your course list. We have color-coded them to make them easy to identify. The green “Active” tab indicates that all hours on the course have an approved status, while the grey “Active” tab means that at least one Board has approved hours, while at least one other Board request for hours is pending, withdrawn, or expired. The blue “Pending” tab indicates that all applications for approved hours are awaiting Board decisions, and the yellow “In Progress” tab indicates that the course application was saved mid-process as a draft. These “In Progress” applications can be resumed or deleted at any time for your convenience (buttons for either resuming or deleting will be to the right of these “In Progress” courses).

You will see two buttons to the right of each active course as well: “View Summary” and “Manage Roster.” The course summary (pictured below) will show you basic course details, offering information, application attachments, approved hour information, instructor details (as applicable), and any answers you provided to Board questions during your application process. Click “Edit” next to Basic Information to modify your course description, the registration website, or advertising settings.


With the old provider account, the steps to get from adding a course to posting a roster were more complex, and you are certainly accustomed to first creating a course, then establishing a publishing in order to advertise, and then finally adding roster entries. One of the most exciting changes in the new Provider Suite is that publishings are a thing of the past! Instead, you will now have offerings, which allow you to tell our system and the public, via our course search, what dates you will offer your live activities and where. However, that is all the offering is used for—it is no longer necessary in order to post a roster. Click “Edit” next to Offerings to add a new offering or to modify your existing ones, including changing the dates, locations, and prices of each.



To understand more about how that process works, you should go back to your full course list. Each course now has its own single “course roster,” which contains all entries for that course, much like you are used to for anytime/home study courses now.  Click on the “Manage Roster” button to see that master list. You can filter your roster by date range if you would like to see a specific time frame, by state in which the attendees are licensed, by status of the roster entry (Ready to Post, Posted, Rejected), by the location associated with certain attendees, or you can use the search bar to look for a particular licensee by name or license number. Additionally, you can export the roster to an Excel spreadsheet, using the Export button at the top right of the screen.  Click here to read more about how to report manually by license number, or click here for information on the new Excel/Text file upload process in Provider Suite.




Boards Tab:

Provider Suite Boards

From here, you will see a master list of all possible boards. You can sort the list to view only active boards, boards you have not applied for, in progress applications, etc. This section is color-coded so you can see at a glance what status your board application holds. The green “Active”  means that you are approved for that board. The blue “Pending”  tab indicates that you have submitted your application and are awaiting approval. The yellow “In Progress” tab means that you have not yet submitted your application and you need to complete it in order for the board to review. On the left hand side of the screen, you can sort for boards by “status” or by “state.”

Communications Tab:

Provider Suite Communications

The Communications tab is for communication from the board regarding pending applications. All other things that you were used to seeing in your message inbox will appear under the bell icon at the top right hand of the screen, which will lead you to your Notifications page (see below).



Users Tab:



There are two types of users in the new Provider Suite: “Normal” and “Admin.” “Normal” users can perform all functions except for managing users and changing provider-wide settings, while “Admin” users can do everything! Adding a new user has also been simplified– an email will be sent to the individual you wish to add, inviting them to create their own profile.  Once complete, they can begin to access the provider account immediately. You can learn more about how to add, remove, and modify users by clicking here.

Of course, if you have any questions about any of these changes or how to use the new site, there are many resources for you to utilize. At the bottom left of the screen, there is an option to view the FAQs we’ve made for the new Provider Suite. And you can reach out to our CE Experts anytime M-F 8am-8pm (EST) at 877-434-6323.

We’re really excited about this upgrade, and we hope that it enhances your experience with CE Broker!



Georgia Nursing Providers

You have registered to provide CE for Georgia nursing professionals. Excellent! But have you taken the next step and added hours for Georgia to your existing courses? If not, then Georgia nurses won’t be able to find those courses in the course search. And if you try to report a Georgia RN or LPN on a roster then they won’t receive any hours of credit.

In order to avoid this confusion and for licensees to take your course with confidence, follow these steps:

1. Add the Georgia Board of Nursing

2. Add Georgia Nursing hours to your existing courses as applicable

To add Georgia Nursing hours to an existing Florida Nursing course, first pull up the course summary in your provider account.
Then click “Submit New Boards” under the Profession Selection + Hours section of the summary, and you will be prompted through a simple process to add the applicable Georgia credits. Keep in mind that the only licensed professions governed by the GA Board of Nursing are Registered Nurse (RN) and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). The Advanced Practice nursing professions are “authorized” in the state of Georgia as opposed to “licensed”, so these individuals renew under their RN license numbers. For that reason, you will only be adding CE hours to your FL Nursing courses for GA Registered Nurses (RN) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN).”

Top CE Providers for Pharmacists


With Pharmacy license renewal creeping up (by midnight of September 30th), you may be looking for some good educational providers to complete your CE with. We wanted to provide you with a list of some popular providers that report to CE Broker for you. (And why would you want to do that? That means less work for you!) And while these aren’t the only providers you can complete CE through, they are the ones that our CE Experts have noted as being popular among your peers.

1. Pharmacist’s Letter Therapeutic Research Center
3. RXSchool
5. Institute for Brain Potential
6. The RX Consultant, Continuing Education Network
7. University of Florida College of Pharmacy
8.  Florida Pharmacy Association
9. Florida Society of Health System Pharmacists
10. Walgreens

Hopefully, you will find just the CE you need through one of those providers above. Just remember that at least 10 of your total 30 hours must be live. However, you can take all 30 hours as live if you choose as well, including your two hours in Medication Errors. What’s important to note is that AT LEAST 10 of your total hours MUST be live.

Massage Therapists – Looking for CE Providers?

Thanks for


With Massage Therapy license renewal creeping up (by midnight of August 31st), you may be looking for some good educational providers to complete your CE with. We wanted to provide you with a list of some popular providers that report to CE Broker for you. (And why would you want to do that? That means less work for you!) And while these aren’t the only providers you can complete CE through, they are the ones that our CE Experts have noted as being popular among your peers.

1.    Elite (50-4007) —they have a couple package courses that are used for mandatory hours in Medical Errors, Professional Ethics, and Laws and Rules of the Board. Plus they can include some general hours in the package.

2.    Options for Wellness (50-2489)

3.    My CE National and CE Massage (50-12773)

4.    Institute for Natural Resources (50-3026)

5.    Paul Lewis (50-12931)

Note that as a Massage Therapist, you are not required to complete Florida board-approved courses. You can complete courses from nationally approved providers and it will still fulfill your requirements. Just make sure that you self-report those if they do not report to CE Broker for you!

For a more in-depth look at your CE requirements each biennium, have a look at this FAQ by clicking here.

Top Nursing CE Providers


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Hello, nurses! Since some of you have a license expiration date approaching (July 31st for PN’s), we wanted to supply you with a list of reputable, approved continuing education providers. We chose these providers based upon a number of criteria ranging from reporting time to customer service. These providers will generally report your hours within a week, have easy to use websites, and receive positive feedback from other nurses for the quality of their courses.

Elite CME Inc. – You have the option to customize your interests and purchase course packages to knock out your CE quickly.

NetCE – Great course search and tons of relevant courses readily available. Often times you can find courses for free. -RNs and LPNs can choose from more than 1,200 hours of text, audio, video, webinar, live, and even free CE courses. Instant CE Certificates are available upon completion of all our courses. – is accredited by the State of Florida, Board of Nursing (CE Provider # 50-9573). They submit completed courses to us each week (usually on a Friday) for courses completed the previous 7 days.

Western Schools – Western Schools is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. They also maintain provider approvals with the Boards of Nursing in California, District of Columbia, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, and West Virginia. – Has many free courses available.® also automatically reports course completions electronically to CE Broker on a weekday basis so the State of Florida is aware of your CEU activity. – Subscribe for only $29.95 and receive a full year of unlimited certificates. They also have free courses available and are nationally accredited by the ANCC. also reports to CE Broker immediately after course completions as long as you have provided your license number.

Consultants for the Future – They report all hours completed with a valid license number to CE Broker daily! They are also in the process of making the reporting process immediate.

There are a ton out there for you to choose from! Don’t wait until the last minute, get your CE out of the way today so you can renew your license successfully. And if you haven’t already, claim your FREE Basic Account with us today! You can track your CE compliance as you gear up for license renewal.

CE Broker for Boards — increase compliance at no cost

Implement a CE Compliance system that benefits your board, your licensed professionals and your continuing education providers — all at no cost!

CE Broker is the official continuing education tracking system for the Florida Department of Health, Ohio Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, Wyoming Board of Psychology, DC Board of Nursing and many other regulating boards across the United States. The Florida Department of Health requires all licensees to show proof of compliance at the time of renewal, reducing auditing costs and increasing compliance rates.

Our expertise and innovation in the compliance sector gives state and national boards and other regulating bodies confidence that our system helps with all CE related processes that may come up. Every board is different and has unique needs so no matter what you require, we can work with you to come up with the best solution.

How does CE Broker simplify compliance?

Helping your staff: Manual audits are time-consuming, costly and have a large margin for error. Our electronic system transforms audits from cluttered, paperwork-ridden investigations into accurate, automated verifications. You’ll have records of every practitioner’s license status and progress when continuing education is reported into CE Broker’s system.

Helping your providers: You can now manage educational provider activity and authorize applications in one convenient location. Approved providers are also featured in our Course Search — which practitioners can use for free.

Helping your practitioners: With our compliance tools, managing CE requirements is no longer going to be a challenge. Let your licensees see exactly what they need to be compliant! They can choose one of three account types to best meet their needs so they can be well-prepared for audits.

We also have CE Experts available for LiveChat, phone or email Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m-8:00 p.m. This is a huge benefit for reducing your board’s call volume and managing audit calls. Our “CE Experts” are more like consultants for your licensees as they not only answer questions but go above and beyond to provide solutions for CE courses, management and fears.

We are not just a software tech company — we are a fully-hosted, online CE platform solution that creates public-private partnerships to optimize compliance/audit workflows with the best apps on the web. We are there with your board step-by-step from implementation through the entire contract term.

With over 80 professions and 35 boards all using CE Broker, we can accommodate any regulatory requirements and track compliance for your licensees. Find out how you can cut costs and increase compliance — contact us for a free demo!


Educational Providers Who Automatically Report to CE Broker

Florida healthcare professionals must now demonstrate proof of continuing education compliance in CE Broker in order to renew their licenses. With the implementation of Florida Department of Health’s Renewal Ready campaign, it is required that you create an account with CE Broker. By claiming your FREE Basic Account, you can help CE Broker help you simplify your renewal process.

Our services offer many tools for licensees to use in order to successfully renew. For example, the Course Search tool on can be used to find classes offered by Educational Providers that are approved by the Florida Department of Health. These providers listed in our Official Course Search tool are required to report course completions to CE Broker within 90 days. If you waited until the last minute to complete your courses and find that the Educational Provider has not reported your course in enough time for you to renew your license, you can always self-report. However, in order to self-report, you will need to create your account with CE Broker! When you take a class offered on our website, there will be no more guessing whether your credits will count towards your license or not. (This does not mean that CE Broker offers the courses, we are just the tracking system that hosts a place for these courses to be listed).

The Reports to CE Broker Stamp

To make your decision easier on which course to take, we redesigned a digital stamp for Educational Providers to advertise on their website, social media pages, and other marketing collateral. As a  licensee, you can have peace of mind about the timeline your completed credits will be reported. There are two different stamps we are handing out to providers, depending on their average reporting time.

The “Automatically Reports to CE Broker Within 7-Days” Stamp will be given out to providers who report within 7 days and will look like this:

"Automatically Reports to CE Broker Within 7 Days" Badge.
“Automatically Reports to CE Broker Within 7 Days” Badge.

The “Automatically Reports CE to CE Broker” stamp is for providers who report to CE Broker within the required 90 day time frame mandated by the FDOH. That stamp looks like this:

"Automatically Reports to CE Broker Within 30 Days" Badge.
“Automatically Reports to CE Broker Within 90 Days” Badge.

Be aware of both stamps and make an informed decision when taking courses, to ensure they are reported within your desired time. We sent emails out to every Florida provider to have them display these stamps in a visible spot so licensees can easily identify them.

Verify An Educational Provider Yourself

You can also verify an Educational Provider right from our Course Search Tool if you find that to be easier! You can click on the link above to be redirected to the Course Search and click “Just need to verify an educational provider?” (the red arrow below shows where you can locate this option).

Verify Provider


To create your FREE Basic Account with CE Broker or to see what other account options are available to you, click HERE.

If you want to find approved courses, visit CE Broker’s Course Search by clicking HERE. You can narrow your search to meet your requirement needs by Course Type, Provider, Cost, Popularity and more.