CE Broker Introduces Sr. Product Owner, Jared Daniels

We’ve always believed that the best way to serve our client partners is to fill strategic roles with the best talent possible. That’s why we’re proud to introduce one of CE Broker’s newest roles, Sr. Product Owner, and the talented professional filling it, Jared Daniels.

The Sr. Product Owner position is one of maximizing value. The Product Owner defines “the what” – as in what the product will look like and what features it should contain based on anticipated client needs, organizational goals, vision, feedback from the development team and other stakeholders. The product owner is the biggest advocate for communicating and clarifying the group’s shared goals, direction, and process. 

Jared Daniels, CE Broker’s Sr. Product Owner, joined in the late fall of 2020. Jared has an extensive background in agile product management and customer advocacy. Jared’s experience implementing Scaled Agile frameworks for product and engineering teams, passion for people, and solutions-oriented mindset made him the perfect fit.  

We recently met with Jared to discuss his background, his goals for this new role, and his outlook on forging solutions to everyday challenges.

Q | Tell us about yourself. What’s your professional background like, and what brought you to CE Broker? 

A | Right out of college I became a project manager for a national new housing construction company. I was responsible for all exterior construction for 11 housing developments. With hundreds of dependencies each week, hard deadlines, and high expectations from site managers, crews and home buyers I quickly learned the importance of systematically tackling the problems at hand and the need for open communication and transparency. 

I noticed the parallels between construction and software development and made the transition to tech 4 years ago. I’ve had the opportunity to help entire organizations implement agile frameworks, refined product and development processes and launched really cool applications that served our users well. 

“I am passionate about enabling people to grow, learn, and live a more passion filled life.”

I am passionate about enabling people to grow, learn, and live a more passion filled life. Through the solutions we provide, I truly believe we lighten the burden of CE for licensed professionals, so that they have more time to pursue what brings them to life. 

Q | What are some of your biggest accomplishments in your prior roles? 

A | Creating an environment for growth, open communication, customer collaboration and a sense of ownership for those building the software is what I strive to bring to any organization. In the past I’ve helped implement frameworks that did all of the above and it changed everything. The culture of how work was done, problems solved, communication and delivery of world class software completely changed.

Q | What do you hope to accomplish in your role as Sr. Product Owner?

A | As the product owner I have the unique opportunity of working with all stakeholders; being at the nucleus of a product as feedback, requests, goals and opportunities all pass through. I hope to create further collaboration, visibility, open communication and delightful experiences that solve our customer’s needs as we continue to expand CE Brokers solutions for educational providers, regulatory boards, and licensed professionals. 

“CE Broker offers world class solutions for regulatory boards and licensed professionals to track and complete continuing education.”

I envision CE Broker becoming the trusted national platform for hosting, approving, and tracking continuing education. I hope to remove any barrier as we move towards that goal.

Q | Which of CE Broker’s core values resonates with you the most, and why? 

A | I pursued a career here because all of CE Broker’s core values align with my personal core values. The two that resonate most with me at the moment are, “Think Green” & “Pursue growth and learning”

I love learning and applying what I learn to what I do brings me to life. Many organizations say they want their employees to learn and grow but few give their employees the means, time and ability to apply what they learn to how the organization runs. With learning comes new knowledge and with knowledge comes change and growth. As a company, CE Broker is committed to all of the above, always striving to be better. 

One way I’ve seen this play out is through our commitment to “Thinking Green”. With knowledge of the current state of the environment the organization has committed to being carbon neutral and recently doubled down by joining 1% For The Planet, meaning we are committed to donating 1% of our annual sales to nonprofit organizations whose work protects our planet for future generations to come. 

Q | What’s the one thing you’d want others to know about you? 

A | I love helping others grow, realize their potential and passions. I’m always available to chat. 

Welcome to the team, Jared! 

2 thoughts on “CE Broker Introduces Sr. Product Owner, Jared Daniels

  1. Awesome to have you, Jared! looking forward to working with you on all the exciting things we have on the development horizon these next few years!

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