CE Broker is partnering with the South Carolina Board of Nursing!

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CE Broker is excited to announce our new partnership with the South Carolina Board of Nursing! As a continuing education management system with over 13 years experience, CE Broker is well-equipped and eager to help Nursing professionals in South Carolina track progress and simplify the license renewal process.

In a no-cost contract, the license renewal process will be easier for everyone. From the board level, to education providers, to Nursing professionals. CE Broker provides instant peace of mind for the licensee and a streamlined process for the board.

With CE Broker, education providers and licensees will be entering CE course completions and exemptions electronically through the tracking system and will receive confirmation when they are complete. The board can then instantly verify that all CE requirements have been met. The result?  Happier licensees and higher rates of compliance.

“Turbo Tax has simplified filing taxes for millions of people each year,  making a complex task effortless. We are doing the same thing for continuing education,” says Brian Solano, CE Broker’s CEO. “You can choose to do your taxes on your own, but why do that when there are so many great inexpensive services out there that make it easy?”

Because healthcare professionals have many other things to do in everyday life, CE Broker offers free iPhone and Android apps that licensees use to see their requirements, check their CE Compliance status, and report continuing education hours. CE Broker has made compliance mobile.

CE Broker also employs a full-time support center available via phone, live chat, and email to help licensees report their hours on time.

All of this is provided at no cost to the State. The company funds their operations by offering voluntary subscription services to employers & licensees.

CE Broker was founded in 2003 to track continuing education for the Florida Department of Health and now works with boards all across the United States.

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