Meet Our CE Experts: Casey Walker

Casey Walker

Where are you from? I’m from New Canton.  It’s a really small hunting and farming community in Illinois.

How long have you been with CE Broker? I have been with CE Broker since February.

What’s your specialty/expertise as a CE Expert? As a CE Experts we are exposed to many different professions and providers who are approved by different boards.  I don’t really have a specialty but I do know a lot of different information regarding the different professions.  I also have a pretty good handle on the provider accounts.

If you had the day off of work, what would your ideal day look like? What would you spend your time doing? I would spend my day outside in the sun!

If you could have any super power, what would it be? I think it would be cool to be invisible. I would totally sneak up on people and scare them!

What’s on your bucket list? I haven’t gotten to travel a lot outside of the country so traveling overseas is definitely on my bucket list.

What aspect of your job as Support Center Expert do you enjoy the most? I like helping people understand our website and see the benefit of it.  It can be scary and frustrating to some people that are not used to using computers to report their hours. I like the “Aha” moments that they have when they finally get how to navigate our website.  After that moment they tend to see the benefit of their account and are appreciative that we are here to help them.

What’s your favorite movie? I don’t really watch a lot of movie.  I prefer binge watching Netflix.  Right now I’m watching catching up on Agents of Shield.

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