Meet our CE Experts: Melissa Costley

Melissa Costley


Where are you from? Born and raised in Jacksonville, FL

How long have you been with CE Broker? Since January 2014. Almost 2 years!

What’s your specialty/expertise as a CE Expert? I am a CE Expert/Support Center Representative.

If you had the day off of work, what would your ideal day look like? What would you spend your time doing? I’d likely spend the day at home, relaxing: read a good book with some hot coffee or chai tea, binge watch TV shows on Netflix, and go for a walk around my apartment complex. Ideally, I’d then finish the day by going out for dinner and drinks with friends, or spend time with my parents at their house.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Flying!

What’s on your bucket list? A ton of things- but at the very top I’d like to visit the Greek Isles and view the architecture/artwork of Florence and Rome, Italy. I’d also like to visit New England in the fall, since I’ve only gone in summer- I heard it’s beautiful.

What aspect of your job as Support Center Expert do you enjoy the most? Honestly, the people I work with. I feel so much support in our little “CEB family” and have never felt out of place or not welcome.

What’s your favorite movie? Oh man…too many to name to just pick one! Recently, I’ve been obsessed with Jurassic World- my childhood was revisited this year when that came out! Also, I recently watched the Green Mile- one of the best movies I’ve seen, so that’s a current favorite.

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