Day in the Life of Our WOW Support Center

Our WOW Support Center
Our WOW Support Center

The Support Center team at CE Broker sees Customer Service as more than just answering phone calls and emails from our customers. It’s about solving problems and going above and beyond for whomever we are helping at that moment. When I am talking on the phone with a customer, my goal is that I want to hear you say “Wow!” Whether it is “Wow, that was easier than I thought!” Or, “Wow! You made my day!” our Support Center team strives to hear that “WOW.”

When the day starts in Support Center we need to be ready to rock. Answering calls from licensees and educational providers is a huge part of our day. It can be a challenging task because we want the hold time for calls to be as minimal as possible – but we also want to give each call the time and attention it deserves. Learning to use a system you are not familiar with can be intimidating, so if I get a call from someone reporting a course for the first time I want to see you through until you get the hang of it and feel confident continuing on your own! Whatever you call us about you can rest assured you will get a smiling, helpful voice greeting you.

Often a call will bring up a question that takes some extra research. Any information we provide we want to make sure it is accurate and thorough. If a question or concern requires input from another department or party you can be sure the Support Center Representative assisting you will do the necessary research and call or email you back with a resolution in a timely manor. If I am the first person you speak to regarding a concern I want to personally see you through until a resolution is reached – not pass you off to another party. Maria, our Support Center Manager, is excellent at making sure everyone is on the same page when resolving an issue.

Our Support Center office is open 8am – 5pm Eastern Time so a popular method of communication is via email. You can be sure your email will be responded to quickly but if it is a complicated issue and you provide your phone number we are more than happy to place a call to you directly. Hannah is a team member that responds to emails incredibly efficiently and thoroughly – when she responds to your email she not only answers your question but she knows what you would ask next and answers that too!

Ever noticed the “Chat Now” tab in the bottom right corner of your CE Broker page? That’s us too! It’s another convenient way to reach a Support Center Representative when you are not available to call. We take turns in the Support Center where one person will accept chats all day instead of answering the phone. Let me tell you, a day in chat feels like running a marathon. Team members Ashley and Patricia are gold medalists! They are over here typing at the speed of light to get your questions answered as efficiently as possible.

That’s right – our Support Center team is right here in sunny Jacksonville, Florida taking chats, emails AND phone calls. As CE Broker grows, so does our Support Center. Our small but mighty team of 14 (no not 20 or 30, just 14 amazing people!) don’t get to interact with customers face-to-face but we love talking to each and every one and love when we hear that “WOW.” That’s how we know we are delivering on our promise of amazing customer service.

-Blog graciously written by one of our rockstar Support Team members, Bonnie. If you want to know more about who is helping out behind the scenes, check out our Pinterest page here for our employee bios.

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