Ringing in the New Year with Your Best Smile

Everyone Smiles in the Same Language.
Everyone Smiles in the Same Language.

The holiday season is one full of merriment, family and feasting. This is generally the time of year where everyone is fretting about weight-gain, due mainly to the excess amounts of food around. With 2013 wrapping up, most of us will try to start 2014 out on a new foot. Resolution one- Eat healthy. Resolution two- exercise more. Resolution three- Drink less. Oh you get the picture, we’ve all been here before. These are some of the most common resolutions made among us this come the new year, according to USA.gov. How about we break the mold this year? I have an easy, relevant New Years resolution that you can make and keep. Resolution- healthy teeth, beautiful smile. It could be just as simple as chewing gum.

High acidic and sugar diets can be detrimental to your oral hygiene by causing acid erosion. Pronamel describes acid erosion as an occurrence when “tooth enamel is worn away by acids found in every day foods such as fruit, vegetables, soda and wine. Acid erosion damages your enamel and gradually changes the shape, texture and appearance of your teeth;” resulting in an unflattering yellow-toothed grin. CE Broker decided to see what tips Dentists had for avoiding acid erosion.

Smile on.

Give yourself every reason to show your pearly whites this season!
Give yourself every reason to show your pearly whites this season!

Dr. Mary Casey Kelly, DDS was kind enough to chat with us and share some helpful hints. “Chewing sugar-free gum or mints with xylitol in it can make an immense difference. If you find yourself eating high-acidic/high-sugary foods this holiday season, chew gum with xylitol in it for up to 15 minutes as this can inhibit bacteria growth for up to 8 hours afterwards. ” Not only will you be protecting your teeth, but you’ll also have good breath so you won’t scare off any holiday party guests.

Science Daily weighs in on acid erosion, offering some other handy tips. If you are eating acidic or sugary foods, “wait at least 20 minutes before brushing the teeth so as not to destroy the weakened enamel.” Chew that xylitol gum that Dr. Kelly referred to earlier instead! Science Daily also states that “frequently consuming and continual snacking of foods with a low pH (potential of hydrogen) value, such as fruit juices, pickles, fresh fruit, yogurt, honey and raisins can lead to irreversible dental erosion.”

Leave us a comment below with any tips you have that might make us smile more!

Want More?

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Make Oral Care a Habit- Listen to this Ted Talk

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