The Florida Medical Association and CE Broker Collaborate on New CE Service

CE Broker, the official continuing education (CE) tracking system for the Florida Department of Health (DOH), has provided online CE/CME management tools to medical doctors and other healthcare professionals since 2004 and is now launching a new service in collaboration with the Florida Medical Association.

CE Broker manages the database of CE records for the Florida Department of Health.  To determine compliance with continuing education renewal requirements, the FL DOH, Division of Medical Quality Assurance, reviews the records in CE Broker.  Licensed healthcare professions in Florida should have all of their CE in CE Broker before renewing their licenses.

Physicians and other licensed professionals may be required to complete over 40 hours of continuing medical education every two years and many go above and beyond that requirement.  Manually reporting those hours can be time consuming so CE Broker and the FMA are teaming up to take this burden off of doctors’ shoulders.

The new Concierge Service will take over the process of managing, tracking, and reporting CE for Florida’s doctors who would normally have to handle all of it themselves.  Physicians will be able send their certificates to CE Broker’s trained staff who then take it from there.

“Florida physicians have been asking us to simplify the process of reporting and managing their CME,” says COO, Brian Solano. “We have listened and created the new Concierge Account specifically to meet the needs of busy physicians.”

It is now more important than ever before.  Beginning in 2013, the Florida Department of Health will verify each practitioner’s continuing education records in CE Broker at the time of renewal.  Doctors will be prompted to report CME hours if their continuing education records are incomplete.  

“CE Broker’s services are all voluntary and nobody will ever be forced to subscribe,” says Solano, “but we believe many will see the value in the new Concierge Service.”

At $90 per year, FMA members are receiving an exclusive discount.  Read more at the FMA page,

The Concierge Service is available to all who are interested. Learn more HERE.

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