CE Broker’s New Service Model

On September 3rd, 2012, we rolled out a new service model for healthcare professionals in Florida. Everything you have loved about CE Broker, now better and easier to understand. The first significant change in 8 years, we are excited to share our simplified subscription model with you.

How It Used to Work:

Standard subscriptions to CE Broker used to cost $35 per license cycle.  Service lasted until the end of each user’s license cycle.  Whether you subscribed at the beginning or end of your cycle, your subscription would end on the same date.  80% of all CEB users subscribe in the last 2 – 3 months directly preceding the license expiration date.  Therefore, the $35 was only buying 2 – 3 months of CE Broker’s online continuing education tools.

The Change:

Subscriptions to CE Broker Professional Accounts will now cost $29 per year. Every FL healthcare professional that subscribes to CE Broker is guaranteed to receive one full year of access.  This new model is both fairer and simpler.

“We believe this change will make our service more user-friendly and easier to understand,” says COO Brian Solano.  “Most of our users will get more value for less.”

We released a new homepage and a new launch page to explain the change.

Three Different Levels of Service:

Basic Account: This account is FREE and allows you to access a basic course history, which lists all courses reported by you and approved educational providers.  You can also report additional CE at no charge.

Professional Account:  We recommend this level of service.  It includes everything from the Basic Account plus some vital tools that will clarify your CE requirements and make tracking a whole lot easier.  If you enjoyed the $35 subscription service to CE Broker before, then this one is for you. $29 per year.

Concierge Account: We designed this service at the request of many physicians across Florida. A number of licensees take CE entirely outside of Florida and must then report all of those hours themselves. Our team of CE experts has been repeatedly asked to manually report continuing education so we created the Concierge Service to help those who want it.  $99 per year.

View the new launch page HERE.

CEB New Pricing Page

2 thoughts on “CE Broker’s New Service Model

  1. Hi I just joined but only wanted one year. I do not understsnd why I received an email saying I would be automatically renewed. I would appreciate having that dropped. Thank you, Cathy Riter

  2. Hi Cathy,

    Sorry about that mix up. I logged into your account and turned off the “Auto Renew” setting. We will send you an email as well to make sure you got this message.

    Should you wish to turn it back on in the future – it’s in your account under Account Info > Auto Renew Settings.

    Thank you for using CE Broker.

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