CE Broker Announces New National Service for Healthcare Employers

CE Broker, the official continuing education (CE) tracking system for the FL Department of Health, has announced the launch of a new license verification service for hospitals and other healthcare employers nationwide.  The web service, called EverCheck, verifies licensure daily on all employees to ensure that all staff on the floor hold active and clear licenses.

“We have operated a paperless license verification system for the last five years and serve over 30% of the hospitals in Florida” said COO, Brian Solano.  “Now we are ready to make our system available to all healthcare employers across the country.”

EverCheck automates the license verification process and builds permanent employee histories to meet the primary source standards of the Joint Commission and DNV Healthcare. “We find that other credentialing companies offer a comprehensive package but often overlook or underserve ongoing state license verifications,” Solano continued. “We want to be the cost-effective complement for credentialing departments, focused solely on state license verification.”

Hospitals risk litigation or losing accreditation for licensure issues. “With EverCheck, there is no reason any employee should ever be on the floor without a valid license,” said Solano.  EverCheck is now available in most states. You can learn more at EverCheck.com.


Angie Cardona




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