How to Report CE hours to CE Broker…

As you likely know by now, some educational providers report CE hours directly into our tracking system.  Those approved by Florida Boards will report for you.  Others – those approved by National Boards, for example – will probably not.  So if your courses are not reported for you, do you know how to enter your hours?

Step 1: Find your CE Certificate

The certificate you received for completing the continuing education course should include all of the pertinent information for reporting.

Step 2: Login to CE Broker

If you are a subscriber, login to your account. You will see the Report CE option on your Dashboard.

If you have never registered with CE Broker before you can easily create an account — we have many options to choose from.  You can create a free Basic Account. With this option you have access to your Course History which displays your reported CE. You can use your Course History to compare completions to your Board’s requirements to ensure you are compliant before you renew your license. Or you can use a Professional Account for $29/year to use your CE Compliance transcript (and other great features!) to automatically calculate your compliance. You’ll know immediately when you have met 100% of your requirements. The Concierge Account is for the busy healthcare professional who doesn’t have time to report and manage CE. For $99/year you will get a full reporting service along with your personal reporting assistant. Simply take the course and give us your certificate of completion. We’ll report everything for you and let you know if any CE/CME is lacking and when you reach 100% compliant. We’ll do everything but take the courses for you!

Account options


Step 3: “Report Continuing Education.”

Select “Begin Reporting” from your dashboard or go to the top navigation bar and select “Report Continuing Education” under “My Records.”

Report Hours


Step 4: Follow the steps — Answering questions along the way:

Every profession will have different options for reporting so you need to pay close attention to the steps.  Here is an example selection for nursing.  In this case, the first options is the most common.

Report CE Credit


Step 5: Answer the last few questions and prepare to attach or fax document.

The Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance, now requires proof of compliance at the time of license renewal. It is critical that you either attach your certificate of completion to your account via digital storage (with a Professional or Concierge Account only). If you do not want to attach your document, you can choose to maintain your own documentation. Please note that the DOH requires you to keep record of your CE completions for up to 4 years. Or you can fax your documentation to our CE Experts and they will attach it for you. When you select “Attach Document,” you can print a cover sheet to be sent with your certificate (Cover Sheet, then Certificate).


Once you reach the confirmation page shown below, you are finished and have successfully reported your CE/CME!

Confirmation page

It’s a simple process if you follow the directions, and rest assured that the first time takes the longest.  Call us at 1-877-434-6323 M – F 8am – 5pm if you need assistance.

One thought on “How to Report CE hours to CE Broker…

  1. I am so grateful to learn that cebroker exists, you guys have saved me lots of time and stress, you just dont realise how much of a lifesaver you are…

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