New CE Broker Internal Pages Released!

On February, 3rd 2012 we released the largest update in eight years to our licensee internal pages.  Users will notice a new look and feel upon signing in to  The change made subscriber, reporting, and audit accounts easier to navigate and – we think – much more pleasing to the eyes.  Out with the archaic fine print that was so iconic of the 1990’s and in with the simplicity of modern design styles.

The New User Dashboard:

The New User Transcript:

Requirements are easier to understand than ever.  Hours Needed are in the right-hand, red column.  Complete that column and never worry about a CE audit.

New Feature:

Saved Courses – if you are a subscriber and logged into your account while using the CE Broker Course Search, you can “save courses” you are interested in for future viewing.  All Saved Courses are archived in one place under “Search” > “My Saved Courses”.

We think users will appreciate the new CE Broker and if you have not used CE Broker before, do not forget that every healthcare professional in FL and nurse in DC get access to one 7 Day Free Trial.

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