Science and math prove that CE Broker Transcripts are the greatest advancement in continuing education of all time.

What is a CE (Broker) Transcript?

Likely, you have seen a transcript before.  You probably requested that your high school send your transcript to a prospective college.  It detailed your academic history, completed courses and grades.  It looked backwards and displayed your achievements.  A CE Broker transcript, however, does much more.  While documenting your successful completion of CE hours, our transcripts detail your renewal requirements, are specific to each individual, and “know” how to factor the CE hours that you earn into your overall requirements.

Renewal Requirements

The legislature passes laws.  The Boards add rules.  Insert fine print.  Insert fine print.  The staff at CE Broker wades through the quagmire of years of compounding regulations.  We hack.  We slash.  We probe and inquire.  Our CE experts deduce the original intent of the continuing education rules and determine the exact renewal requirements of every healthcare professional in Florida.

What determines your CE renewal requirements?  Profession.  License type.  License status.  Specialties.  Cycle number.  Licensed by exam.  Licensed by endorsement.  So on.  And yes, it gets more complicated.

Here is one example of the rules as described by the DOH:

Remember, these are the generic rules that would apply to you if there were no exceptions, conditions, or abnormalities dealing with the acquisition and maintenance of your license.  Compare this to a CE Broker transcript:

A subscription to CE Broker gives you ongoing access to these transcripts, and that is where the real value becomes evident.  These transcripts are not static, they are dynamic.  As providers of CE courses report hours into CE Broker, we automatically update your transcripts and reconfigure your overall requirements.  Here is a snapshot of a transcript with three courses reported:

Think of a GPS navigation system.  If you opt for a different route than the one selected, you can reconfigure the directions based upon your current location and you will find new directions.  CE Broker transcripts are updated every time new course completions are reported and give guidance as you proceed.

Our transcripts are smart.  We program all of the details of the DOH’s rules into our records.  Sometimes you may earn only a limited number of hours in a particular category, other times they can roll over.

There is also a summary of your renewal requirements and reported hours on the top of your transcript for quick reference.  Check the summary.  See from where that 1 missing hour comes.  Take a quick course.  Avoid the audit.

Once you have completed all of your renewal requirements, all that ugly scary red will transform into a cool, reassuring green.  “Complete” displays at the top of your transcript and you will never be audited.  This is an example of what all healthcare professionals should aspire to see before his or her license expires:

Be diligent in your professional development and take advantage of the option to have ongoing access to official CE transcripts.  This is a luxury allotted only to healthcare professionals in FL and nurses in D.C.  Visit for more information

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