CE or Continuing Education?

I will use the acronym “CE” only once in this article.  That original expression which we so frequently abbreviate, “continuing education,” has become a trite phrase devoid of its original intent.  No matter how repetitive it sounds, I will spell out “continuing education” every time.  Acronyms can undermine and obfuscate.  They make us lose sight of the underlying meaning of those words, words which convey a powerful, productive message:

We must be lifelong learners.  The professionals who heal, help, and master technical skills must continue to develop and hone their abilities.  Whether it’s a business, city, civilization, or a plant if it does not continue to grow and develop, it will slowly decay and be replaced.  Unless your mind, critical faculties, and your capacity for knowledge grow, you will be surpassed by your peers and eventually become irrelevant.  This is a key idea behind “continuing education.”

What are your priorities when choosing your continuing education courses?  Is your goal to satisfy your requirements as quickly and easily as possible?  Are you simply looking to breeze through 24 hours worth of material in one short sitting and then immediately forget the material upon completion?  Take the time to find valuable continuing education opportunities.  Be passionate.  Find a stimulating subject.  Relate the material in front of you to your career and find ways to implement.

So use the acronym but do not forget what it means.  Continue to educate yourself for your own sake.  Visit CEBroker.com to find continuing education courses in the areas that interest you.

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