How long does a CE Broker subscription last?

There is some confusion about how long CE Broker subscriptions last and I wanted to shed some light on the subject.  The answer is slightly more complicated – but only slightly more –  than a simple numerical answer.

Subscriptions to CE Broker are tied to individual license cycles.  Our primary services – use of our dynamic CE transcripts – last for the duration of the cycle in which you subscribe, and since cycles are usually two years long a subscription can last for up to two years.  We cannot simply state that subscriptions last for two whole years.  If you sign up in the middle of a license cycle, you will be able to see that current CE transcript through your next expiration date but will not be able to access the one for the next cycle.  However, when you subscribe you will also have permanent access to that transcript and your course history.  So you are buying a sustained subscription to that particular license cycle.  Some of your subscription’s features are available to you for less than two years, others permanently.  So it is difficult to define the exact duration of your subscription.  In some ways a subscription lasts for less than or equal to two years, in other ways it lasts forever.

To get the optimal value out of a subscription, one should subscribe at the beginning of a license cycle to diffuse the costs over a two year period.  Furthermore, if you renew your subscription before it expires, you receive a $5 discount.  Thus you pay $30 over 24 months, or $1.25 per month.

Many healthcare professionals wait until the last couple of months or weeks of a cycle to subscribe to CE Broker.  They then feel that they are paying $35 dollars for one or two months of service.  As I wrote above though, it is really more complicated than that and the best approach – to get the most bang for your buck – is to subscribe early and then renew before your subscription expires.

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